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PSLS writes:

"As a father I was deeply compelled to identify with Ethan Mars and his quest to save his son. As someone with over 2 decades of gaming under my belt, I am proud to see video games become a higher form of entertainment. Heavy Rain is truly a work of art that demands to be appreciated. Unfortunately like most art, you have to "get it" to really appreciate it. That being said, the game is not for everybody, and there will be plenty of people that just don't "get it". But, if you go into Heavy Rain with an open mind and the understanding that this isn't your average video game, you will reap the reward of playing one of the most memorable video games of this console generation."

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shadowwizard3051d ago

Damn, that's crazy... Great review for amazing game... Can't wait...

StanLee3051d ago

Reading that review, I realize what Heavy Rain's biggest hurdle will be; the average video game consumer cannot relate. The mass audience that buys the Halo's and Modern Warfare 2's just can't relate to the adult themes of a game like Heavy Rain.

Jinxstar3051d ago

I agree shadow. Looks amazing. One of the few day ones for me this year.

bjornbear3051d ago

well done,

its called a mature game for a reason.

pippoppow3051d ago

This is the main reason for new consoles and PC upgrades. I want new experiences that raise the bar of gaming entertainment. I hope this does well so that it spawns more cinematic adventure games but more importantly emboldens more Devs to take more chances.

Danteh3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Why are so many disagreers in every HR post? heh

-PS3 fanboy mode on-

Just accept it guys, Heavy Rain is f!cking awesome, didn't flop, and is arguably better than Mass Effect 2.

Oh and PS3 has already won 2010 and probably the entire gen, with GOW III and GT5 on the horizon ;)

360 has mass effect 2 and.... ¿?¿?

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Sev3051d ago

The demo isn't an accurate representation of how good the game is...

Everyone who likes great games needs to give this a chance.

Our Trophy Guide will be published closer to the release date. I am stuck on 85% of the trophies. :(

Hellsvacancy3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Sorry mate but bollocks 2-lookin at the trophy list, when ive completed it i will (or r they all hidden trophies? if so my mistake)


movements3051d ago

Nice Review Sev! Keep it up!

Sev3051d ago

They're all hidden trophies, which is why I don't have them all. You have to figure them out on your own.

I've got most of them, some happen just for finishing a scene, other are much much more difficult to find.

They also encourage you to try the game using different scenarios.

darthv723051d ago

I am still waiting for your xboxlifestyle review of Mass Effect 2. So far you have done a perfect score for MAG and now this. You have the xbox site too so why not share the love? Last 360 review was November 09 for L4D2.

On topic..I am intrigued by this game. I am itching to try the demo but I guess it is only avail in EU.

JonnyBigBoss3051d ago

Still haven't played the demo. Only 1 more day!

multipayer3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

It was pretty enjoyable watching someone play the demo on, maybe more enjoyable than actually playing because qte is a bit of a pain. I tell you if someone just makes a hd video who has lightning reflexes, I'd happily download it and enjoy the content just as much. I guess it is easier to buy the game and experience it first hand though.

Feral Gamer3051d ago

You said HR was AAA in another thread, but you admit to not playing the demo? How can you call it AAA then?

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Lifewish3051d ago

Great review and while I really want to play it I most likely won't buy but rent instead. The controls in the demo were tough to get used to

Sev3051d ago

Sad. Its definitely worth the purchase.

doctorstrange3051d ago

Going to get this straight away, (money allowing) I really can't wait to play this

xTruthx3051d ago

and even more worth it when there's going to be dlc :o

artsaber3051d ago

For Me. Great scores coming out, nice to see the hard work pay off. It is a high quality title to say the least.

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