Game Pro: Knights of Comedy

Brutal Legend and Psychonauts designer Tim Schafer, Portal writer Erik Wolpaw, Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek and several others talk about the challenges of pulling off humor in video games.

Comedy is hard. Just ask Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek, the dedicated funnymen at Valve Software, the Seattle developer best known for the decidedly non-comedic Half Life franchise. Once upon a time, Wolpaw (a veteran of Tim Schafer's Psychonauts) and Faliszek ran, the now defunct acerbic showcase for the two writers' extraordinary gift for deft exaggeration and no-holds-barred criticism of their preferred form of entertainment, video games. For a brief few years, the duo invented a new kind of games journalism, one that was unafraid of skimming for the good bits, calling out developers on boneheaded mistakes, and was above all else, laugh-out-loud funny.

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