Heavy Rain Receives Perfect Score From PTOM, A Game "Like None Other"

In two weeks, Gamers the world over will finally get a chance to experience Quantic Dream's latest effort: Heavy Rain. Reviews have already begun trickling in, and now PlayStation: The Official Magazine has put out its verdict.

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Troll_Police2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

You were saying?

Bu, bu, but Troll Police this iz a Playstation magazine!

Gameinformer 9.5

deadreckoning6662866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Troll Police, do you equate the quality of a game to a review score or the review itself? To gamers, what a journalist writes about a game and his/her experiences is MUCH more important than the number he/she assigns to a game at the end. So I don't understand why you throw around numbers like it means anythg. GameInformer gave Bad Company 2 a 9.5, but I pre-ordered the game after the 1st day of playing the beta.

Same way I don't care if Heavy Rain gets a 10, 11, or a 12 from every gaming critic known to man. I've already decided not to buy it, because I'm not interested in genre.

Main Point: People who like the genre will buy Heavy Rain, people who DON'T like the genre, won't buy Heavy Rain so you throwing numbers around won't make a believer out of many people(me included). GTA4 got high scores as well and we all know what the general gaming community thinks of that. (Btw, PTOM gave the (inferior) PS3 version of Bayonetta a 9/10, take that however u like)

"Yawn at predictable trolling."
All I did was respond to Troll Police's comment. Thats why the reply button exists.

mint royale2866d ago

Yawn at predictable trolling.

nix2866d ago

wow... this game is gonna be great! hate as much as you want but it's going to shake the foundation of gaming industry. just like Demon's Souls, UC2 n recently MAG. MAG has set the foundation for the future MP games whether u like it or not.

bubbles for everyone! q:

Troll_Police2866d ago

Everything you said is true but let me guess, a game is only good to you if it sells 5 million copies, right?

mint royale2866d ago


I didn't mean you. 'Troll Police' was trolling yet again.

ape0072866d ago

how real and authentic videogames can be

this is a game that gonna raise the production values of a game

this game is a day 1 buy

feelintheflow2866d ago

WKC and MAG, its nice to see that the review crews are not Anti-Sony. Looks like this is going to be a AAA game as far as review scores go. I can't wait to get this game. I know its an "interactive movie", but that appeals to me. Cant wait, cant wait.

Alcon Caper2866d ago

lol, they just didn't want to be blacklisted

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games4thewin2866d ago

"So make no mistake, Heavy Rain is indeed a game. But it is a game like none other."

And that's why I own a PS3.

The best in gaming.

mint royale2866d ago

This game is perhaps my most anticipated of the year after gt5 of course. It just seems so different and if pulled off correctly (which it seems to be) then it will be absolutely amazing!

solidjun52866d ago

I forgot to ask you this. I think I was going to ask you and Pirathom since you two are the biggest GT nuts after me (LOL). What wheel are you getting or what wheel do you recommend? I know it's off-topic, but I'm gearing up for it and this is just one of those games, I want to experience it all. Thanks.

mint royale2866d ago


I've not really looked into wheels yet but this one looks good and relatively cheap too.

solidjun52866d ago

I was looking at this.

It's quite expensive, but it o so effin sweet. But the one you gave is great and reasonable in price. Appreciate it.

mint royale2866d ago

Jesus christ if you go with that you are dedicated! Respect!

DaTruth2866d ago

Discussing games like that should never be off topic in any topic!

Games are always the topic!

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shadowwizard2866d ago

Today is embargo for reviews, right?

movements2866d ago

Yes, the embargo lifts tonight.

MajestieBeast2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I think iron star movement needs to make another song like they did with uncharted 2 for either heavy rain or god of war 3 cause they have a big chance for goty awards.

movements2866d ago

Everyone with a PS3 and who's of age should buy this game.

An experience of a lifetime.

deadreckoning6662866d ago

@movements- Woah dude, howd u get the game so early?

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