Blizzard on Returning Paladins and Necromancers

In reply to a fan who asked if we might see some Paladins and Necromancers in Diablo 3, Bashiok all but confirmed something that's been more than hinted at in the past: That they will return in one way or another.

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kerriganss3082d ago

that's so cool really... i love necro's

Leord3082d ago

Well, are you one of those colour whiners? :P

Cogo3082d ago

Nah, that was just a very vocal minority. Most necros like colour.

Red, primarily.

kerriganss3082d ago

nah, i could play D3 in black and white if i had a necro and a physics system...

i'd be delighted anyway :p

Leord3082d ago

Would Necro really be viable next to the WD though?

moondragon3082d ago

They should remove whitch doctor and replace it with necro.

DeepThought3082d ago

I think he was refering to NPCs when he said that. pallies and necros will be around maybe you will fight them or do quests for them but not play as them. maybe im wrong

Maticus3082d ago

Paladins simply own. Nuff said.

Leord3082d ago

Love paladins.

In D3 they were imbalanced for a long while though.

Recka3082d ago

If you could select an aura without losing your right click they'd have been way better

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