Running With Scissors CEO: Manhunt 2 ban will damage industry

After this week's major gaming news surrounding the banning of Rockstar Games' stabby-stabby, killy-killy adult-themed thriller, Manhunt 2, the CEO of Running with Scissors has revealed he doesn't think the Manhunt 2 ban will do anything other than pacify politicians and damage creators Rockstar and the games industry as a whole.

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The BS Police4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

I saw this AO rating coming since the game was announced.

Granted it will damage Take Two, but damage the whole industry? Thats a little farfetched, it actually shows that the rating system works.

You know how much worse jack Thompson would be running his mouth if the game actually made it through certification the way it is now?

ITR4195d ago

Hey have you seen Postal 2?
It got a mature rating, but it has more murder in it then MH2 has.
Let me use a cat as a silencer or piss on people. Let me totally mutilate people with a chainsaw so you see bit's and guts and brain flying everywhere. The rule of the game...kill's fun.

It hurts the industry of developers trying to make realistic M rated games..because now they know if it looks too real you end up with a AO title and no console will push it.

techie4195d ago

I agree...the industry is damaged. It doesn't get the same allowances as other industries, such as the film is destined to be seen as a lower form, a joke among proffessionals, the little kid of artistic creation. Shame really.

RedSeven4195d ago

"It isn't before long that games like Super Mario Brothers will be recieving the AO rating. The way in which Mario kills goombas is absurd. People need to realize that jumping on heads of enemies or knocking innocent turtles out of their shells is a global concern. Would it be ok if your own child ate a mushroom on the ground, in hope of growing twice the childs size? We need to think twice about the content approved for our younger generation."

-Jack Thompson

Odiah4195d ago

It could contain your mother getting raped for all you know.

techie4194d ago

MY mother getting raped? If it contains rape of a woman...there are many films with rape in them. Just because it contains these actions DOES NOT mean it is affirming them. It is an exploration of violence, entertainment, and human feelings.

The experience of playing the game is a real entrance into certain parts of human nature...the extremism of the entertainment industry, and a scary glimpse at other parts of our lives. That is what I get from Manhunt, and in no way did I feel in playing it that the game was affirming the actions within it....I really don't see how that is hard to see.

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The story is too old to be commented.