Randy Pitchford has 80.000 gamerscore and plays World of Warcraft

In an interview with said Randy Pitchford (Gearbox) that he has 80.000 Gamerscore and plays World of Warcraft. He also said that he never used a reallife-weapon before developing action-games.

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BigKev453079d ago

80,000 that's a bit crazy.

Major_Tom3079d ago

Mmmm mmm mm! Nothing like waking up in the morning and racking up some arbitrary gamer points!

solar3079d ago

this guy rubs me the wrong way. and i want my money back for that crap port of borderlands to PC. along with that WTF ending.

kingdavid3079d ago

I think hes a genuine guy. Keeps a good relationship with consumers and listens to what they want.

You cant say the same for alot of devs these days.