Heavy Rain's Micromania' review

"Sometimes there is a game whick give a kick in the anthill of gaming. They eventually have the status of cult work by opening new perspectives and challenge conventional wisdom. This is the case of Heavy Rain."

"The emotions that you feel is probably the biggest achievement"

"Heavy Rain is a fascinating experience who got the cult feeling of Silence of the lambs and Seven."

"A game for mature gamers, open minded people, thriller fans and men or women"

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blitz06232991d ago

"A game for mature gamers, open minded people, thriller fans and men or women"

aka PS3 gamers

SolidAhmed2991d ago

thank god i have a prime amazon account

because this game needs to be played day one :)

Commander TK2991d ago

guaranteed. Solid GOTY contender

sikbeta2991d ago

Just Amazing HR FTW!!!

Danteh2991d ago

Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, God of War III

The Holy Trinity (+GT5)

Seems the PS3 has already won this gen heheh ;)

bjornbear2991d ago

a quote like that makes "other"(haters) people look bad =(

are you suggesting they are immature close minded people? pff...i never would have guessed! /s

perfect score =O surprising, this game is getting much better reception than i expected =D day one! can't wait!

zeeshan2990d ago

Seems to be a GAME OF THE YEAR contender indeed but I think GOW3 or GT5 is probably gona earn that crown. And if GG decide to drop KZ3 this year, then nothing's gona stand in its way.

MerkinMax2990d ago

Except the women part. This game looks so cool and I enjoyed the demo, too bad there's just no time for games between Baseball and Senior Project. ughh....

Coffin872990d ago

@1: yeah totally, me too, but i just don't have the freaking money ...

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robotnik2991d ago

Another high quality game only seen in PS3, the best console.

stonecold12991d ago

see on there console just cant handle the graphics unless heavy rain would have to be toned down in the graphics like final fantasy 13 suition

SDF Repellent2991d ago

It is not too hard to make a B rated french movie with good graphics. Even my DVD player can have good graphics.

3sq2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

"Even my DVD player can have good graphics."

DVD Players still exist?

Persistantthug2991d ago

"DVD Players still exist?"

Only If you have an XBOX 360 :P

Doc Sony2991d ago

DVD, lol, get with the times.

Aceluffy2991d ago

What's a D V D ?
I'm sorry, my eyes and ears have been spoiled by the clear pristine video and audio quality of Bluray.
What's this D V D ? A new format that's superior than Bluray ?
Please enlighten me

nix2991d ago

LOL... a did he actually say DVD??? wow... another toad living in 360 well for too long.

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Lirky2991d ago

I started to officially skim thru these review articles now my eyes however picked up " the emotional.. " and thats it lol. im doing good for myself now so that i dont have to keep spoiling myself with antiscipation and hype.

2991d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.