Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition's Two New Characters Screenshots

The final two characters of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for both XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 are finally revealed. Joining the character lineup of the Mercenaries Reunion Mode, Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers from past Resident Evil games are the two characters that will be added.

Let's take a look on the screenshots of Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers in action. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is slated to come out next month in both North America and Japan.

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Delta2865d ago

Question: Does this come with the DLC's or it only for the gold edition?

Natsu X FairyTail2865d ago

I'm prettu sure they said that everything in the gold edition will be available via DLC if you have the game already.

qface642865d ago

i think rebecca and barry will be a different DLC altogether im not entirely sure tough

Delta2865d ago

Kthx, I was just wondering. I was going to get the gold but ill just buy the DLC.

Prototype2864d ago

Will the old saves from RE5 work on this?

I never really saw anyone answer it, it'd be appreciated if someone knew the answer

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lord_of_balrogs2865d ago

Why do we even bother buying the original releases when they just release a better version later?

qface642865d ago

usually at a lower price too

Hakimy2865d ago

Barry eh? I was wondering what happened to the guy.hope he still has those stupid lines from the first RE just for the laugh XD

RecSpec2865d ago

There was a leaked video of the figures awhile back.

Barry's "I have THIS!" was pretty funny.

joemayo762865d ago

"I found something it's REEALLLYY powerful....."

and the obligatory

"that was too close, you were almost a Jill sandwich"

"Jill, here's a lock pick it might come in handy if YOU the master of unlocking take it with you."

srsly can't wait for this dlc, i mean its freakin barry burton!!!

sam22362865d ago

Gamecube models? No thanks.

wicked2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I didn't think much of this game, just seemed so dated to me (no cover system and not being able to move & shoot), gave up in chapter 3. So I wont be buying it.

jc485732865d ago

you haven't even played the game long enough, so you have no idea what you are saying.

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The story is too old to be commented.