New Time Crisis 4 screenshots, Guncon 3 pics

A fistful of new images have just been released from Time Crisis 4, Namco's arcade rail-shooter making its way to the PS3 later this year (hopefully). Time Crisis will be a faithful port of the arcade game with an added mission mode starring Captain William Rush as the main character. Namco's more accurate Guncon 3 will be used in the new Time Crisis game as well, and a few images of the upgraded light gun have also been released.

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Sano643955d ago

This game looks like it belongs on the original XBOX.

ErcsYou3955d ago many disagree's.
dont worry , your eyes are not decieving you.
time crisis 4 will be a perfect port of the arcade game.
the arcade board is based on upgraded ps2 hardware,

this will not be the best looking game in the world but it will be lots of fun,
sega needs to hook us up with house of the dead

Siesser3955d ago

definitely importing the black gun, if the price isn't too steep. I like the Time Crisis games, and playing them at home (and saving quarters) should be a blast.

1337 gamer3955d ago

you need to get your eyes checked mate.

Sano643955d ago

The gun looks cool so I might give it a rent but the models and textures are just ugly!I hope they clean this game up because I want to like it...But it is just UGLY!

omansteveo3955d ago

90 for a game thats prolly like 5 levels just like the others thanks but no thanks

Asylumchild3955d ago

I think this will be a sweet arcade game to play at your house on your big screen loads of fun. I read somewhere that their working on a good amount of levels and "side mission" type game types.

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The story is too old to be commented.