Blu-ray and HD DVD in Europe's ENN0 writes: "I stopped off in Italy, France and Spain and I especially wanted to pick up The Matrix on HD DVD while I was there. On my first stop was Italy. An amazing country with lots of culture. When I first stepped into a game shop they had a nice Blu-ray stand saying "Blu-ray expedition" stocked full of movies so I instantly thought, " Aha! This will definitely have HD DVD's." In Ireland wherever you can find blu-ray, HD DVD is sitting right beside it. I had a quick look and then asked a sales assistant if they had HD DVD's and I instantly got a NO…Now I was pretty shocked to see that there was blu-ray and no HD DVD, but then I thought nothing of it. It's probably just that one shop. I then went to another game store. The same Blu-ray stand was there staring me in the face. This time it was right beside the PS3's."

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progx4189d ago

lol European retailers stock em next to ps3's

uxo224189d ago

I probably would have used a different thought process. Had I been looking for HD movies, I would not have gone to a video gaming store. I would have gone to a superstore, something Equivalent to a Best buy, or a circuit city. These type of stores are less likely to be bought out by M$ or Sony to exclusively sale their products.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. May not have been a bias article, however it was poor logic in the research for it. Although, it is good to see one of the two formats winning, that way we can all get some closure on this format war crap and people can start locking down their collections. My collection will remain regular DVDs.

Smellslikepie4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I've also noticed a lack of HDDVD in the UK, but I think that might just be the area that I live in. In the HMV store that's closest to me they have twice the space they have for HDDVD for Blu-ray. Which makes me a bit sad since I only have an HDDVD player :P

Although, I've noticed that Gamestation (again, I can only vouch for my local shops) only stocks HDDVDs. And, of course, Blockbuster only stocks Blu-ray but have HDDVD when you order online.

Anyway, I hope we get a 'winner' soon, because at the moment it's the consumer that's losing. (Well, if you've chosen to support he wrong format I suppose ;) )

What's it like where you live? Is there a dominance of Blu-ray or HDDVD? Or is it a pretty much equal offering of the two, as it is in my case?

EDIT: And as Tonsoffun says below me, ASDA and Tesco both stock HDDVD and Bluray. (I can't recall seeing Blu-ray in ASDA, but I THINK it's there)

tonsoffun4189d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

The local gamestation stocks both HDDVD and Bluray movies - Actually your local ASDA should have a stock of both of them as well.

But you woud already know this if my article was approved, but it wasn't so you know now.


Both ASDA and Tesco's websites both stock bluray and HDDVD, but I have only ever saw them stocked in ASDA - and ASDA stocks both HDDVD's and BluRay discs.

Smellslikepie4189d ago

Thanks for reminding me :)

Lord Anubis4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

its best for Toshiba to give up, prolonging the format ware a bit longer will only hurt the consumer.


because while you might be saving right now, in months from now if you support HD-DVD will have lost more than anyone that supported blu-ray. You will be required to dispose of your HD-DVD and invest on a blu-ray. How can anyone say they are saving money now with out looking into the future?

Everyone benefits from competition when everyone is developing for the same standard. While you might see a 500 dollar blu-ray player now this hurts other companies developing blu-ray players and so we get a price war: competition if you will.

where's my bubble?

ITR4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )


Without competition prices would stay higher and technology advancements slow.

Without Toshiba..Sony wouldn't be offering a BD standalone for $500.

Lord Anubis

Why would I have to get rid of my HD DVD player(I don't have one anyways).
It would still play HD movies and DVD's.

It's better to just get a dual format drive. Actually it would be better to get a drive that supported 5 or more HD formats...then you future proof yourself.

I keep thinking BD or HD is stop gap tech. HVD/PVD seems to be the future...200-300GB discs...with future discs supporting over 1-3 TB of data.

My bubble was dropped too.

Blankman4189d ago

electronics consumers can compete against themselves. If the war prolongs it jst leaves ppl buying the loosing format shafted. Funai should hit with a player under 400 dollars and i predict this is when blu ray player sales will actually begin to move and i predict they will sell more stand alone players than hd-dvd by the end of the yr

calderra4189d ago

Anyone remember the strings of retailers carrying signs that literally read "PS3 BluRay player ... also plays games" at launch? Yup.

By Christmas, we'll have (relatively, at lest) affordable combo players that will render this format war moot. Neither side is going to "win".

ITR4189d ago

I would love a Dual Format drive that costs around $400-500 bucks.
Right now all of them cost around a grand or more.
It should have support for HDi and BDj as well.

Bathyj4188d ago

All they will do is prolong the war. No one needs that. Retailers dont want to stock both. Consumers dont want to buy both. Studios dont want to release on both.

Everyone, no matter what side you're on just wants one format to die, so we can concentrate on the victor.

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