Nintendo Media Summit Coming

IGN: Time to start the hype engines. The Big N sends out invites for a special games event later this month.

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SpoonyRedMage2961d ago

God knows why they invited IGN.

Nu-Magician2961d ago

the same thing crossed my mind

toyuts2961d ago

any1 but ign for nintendo stuff
fingers crossed for zelda

swiftshot932961d ago

Cant wait to see Other M. Hopefully we'll see something from Retro :D

blu_yu_away2961d ago

Throw in Pikmin 3 and I'll be quite satisfied.

subzero-082961d ago

Sick, I wanna know what Retro is up to as well. I'm kinda hoping they're working on a Star Fox game.

tunaks12961d ago

i was thinking (or hoping) the same thing!

Cajun Chicken2961d ago

Dynamic Slash and NMH2 EU release date details. Now.

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The story is too old to be commented.