This is what Metro 2033's special edition looks like

Destructoid: "Special editions for brand new videogames without a proven pedigree. I've ranted on the arrogance of such a thing before, but nevertheless, it's getting more and more common so we'll have to deal with it. Still, the Metro 2033 special edition isn't overly ridiculous, so at least there's that going for it."

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Bigpappy2959d ago

This game is going to sneak up and surprise a lot of people, even reviewers

NinjaAssassin2959d ago

yeah metro 2033 looks awesome.

AliTheBrit192959d ago


it looks fantastic

siliticx2959d ago

never heard of this game before today. First thing i see is the box art?

Theyre doing it wrong.

Old Greg2959d ago

While this game DOES look good---I still want a game thats addicting and fun.
Sure, games come and go---we all move on. But the GREAT games, are the ones we remember, and sometimes dust off to play, even years later.

StanLee2958d ago

I say major flop. Really, the little media we've seen of this game really hasn't impressed. I think it's more Dante's Inferno than Bayonetta in terms of the expectations of a new IP.

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Double Toasted2959d ago

I wasn't expecting all that for this game. I need to do more research because I'm wondering whose backing this project.

TheIneffableBob2959d ago

Huh? All the special edition is is a fancy box with some slips of artwork.

tinybigman2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

spend my money on FF13, GoW3, and Splinter Cell in April. this game doesnt seem interesting to me.

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