Bungie: Halo: Reach Media @ X10, New ViDoc 2/11

TMC:Microsoft's gaming event (X10) is just 2 days away and Bungie just confirmed at the Gaming-Age forums that they will be showing Halo: Reach at the event with a new ViDoc for the press that will be up the fallowing morning on Xbox live.

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Bungie3202d ago

OMG plz MP ViDoc

Bungie is the Best

3202d ago
The real killer3202d ago

Bungie is a good developer, but the
You only make Bungie ridiculous with your articles.

we won3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


Off topic:

IMO the Bioware announcement of their "FAR REACHING" talk is going to be some sort of ME2 Multi player expansion with team play.

Major Kanimo3202d ago


otherZinc3202d ago

With Mass Effect 2 being so damn great!
Bishock 2 coming along nicely.
Splinter Cell:Conviction on the way!
& HALO NEWS with VIDEO 2/11/10!


Foxgod3202d ago

Actually, they are the best.
Because theres no developer out there that takes so much time to polish their games as Bungie, their games are near perfect when they hit retail.

Socrates3202d ago

Awesome news. I can't wait to see what they show.

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Another One3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Who was it that posted that on Gaming Age? Sketch, Urk, or Luke I imagine. It would be helpful in validating the info.

If it's true, then that's awesome.

EDIT: After thinking about it, I believe Sketch (Brian Jarrard from Bungie) uses that name at times so it could be him.

Alan Wake3202d ago

Halo Reach >>> All FS3 games

Munky3202d ago

We are finally going to see what Halo: Reach looks like in game, no more out of date mag screens, no more spoon fed info. It's time to see what BUNGIE has been cooking up for the last 2 years, hope it was worth the wait.

Fanb0y3202d ago

Yep. This is the defining moment. The previously released screenshots were somewhat impressive, but most didn't see them as mind-blowing. Bungie has stated that loads of work has gone since that build, so we'll see how things are progressing.

I'd say by now, all the graphical assets should be in place.

Munky3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Yeah, apparently all the screen shots that were in the GI mag and as well as EDGE were taken at Thanksgiving. So yes, the game should look much different (hopefully) from what we saw in those scans. Not to say that the screens were bad, I personally thought the character and the weapon models looked amamzing, it't the enviroments just looked a tad dated. Anways, only one more day to wait.

The real killer3202d ago

Finally. we get some gameplay to see :)
I hope they make Halo like halo 2.
It's not my typ of game, but i will play this game with some friends of me.

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