Dice confirms 3d view and hardcore mode

Patrick Bach, senior producer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, confirms that the pc version of Bad Company 2 will support Nvidia's 3d view.

Bach also confirms a hardcore mode and reveals some of details about it.

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-Alpha3227d ago

Hardcore has been confirmed for ages

TheIneffableBob3227d ago

It's actually playable in the PC beta.

InFAMOUS13227d ago

I never knew hardcore mode was added.. I played the BETA and was turned off, but with harcore mode confirmed I am going to preorder this puppy next week..

ScoobyDrew3227d ago

damn, if only hardcore was in the console versions... that would make this game that much better...

kwicksandz3227d ago

having played the hardcore mode it wasnt all that i expected.

No spotting at all makes co ordinated attacks a bit harder. At least the UAV or squad leader should still be able to spot

no crosshairs on any gun. Makes stationary turrets, shotguns and the tracer pistiol impossible to aim.

on the plus side you feel like you can actually kill some one with an aussault rifle and snipers are a 1 hit kill

id prefer an inbetween mode. Spotting + crosshairs + map but increased bullet dmg

sikbeta3227d ago

Man I'm So tempted to buy a Nvidia 3D kit, 3D for Everything will be Just Awesome

Gamers FTW!!!

Fanb0y3227d ago

Really? I heard hardcore mode was on consoles as well - it just wasn't in our demo.

The one thing I'm really looking forward to is no more spotting. I got way too used to spamming that select button to find my enemies, and it's a habit. I want to actually use my eyesight to find them. Aargh!

S4NDM4N3227d ago

Don't give COD4 credit. They pretty much took out from people who made it as a mod. Harcore mode has been made for pretty much every PC FPS game as a mod.

Project Reality on BF2 was phenomenal, so I wonder how hardcore mode will stack up

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Kevin ButIer3227d ago

See you in the 2d softcore mode...

Yes Im a poor noob :(

Killjoy30003227d ago

It seems like the only Battlefield news is old Battlefield news these days. I need more single player footage.

ironmonkey3227d ago

confirmed for hardcore gamers

chewmystink3227d ago

I have Nvidia 3d vision, we need more game developers to start adopting the emerging 3D tech.
It is pretty awesome when a game doesn't have any issues using the Nvidia 3d vision.
We have to await game profiles to be updated a lot of the times, like Bioshock 2 was meant to support from the get go but it isn't the case unfortunately.