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NextGN Review: Heavy Rain

NextGN writes: "Heavy Rain is definitely not for everyone. First of all it's rated Mature for two reasons: it's designed for the mature gamer, and it has tits, ass, blood, death and all that cool stuff. Besides, I just don't see young gamers (those MW2 fanatics) having the patience to sit through it." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 99/100

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TheHater  +   1782d ago
I just don't see young gamers (those MW2 fanatics)
We need more games like this.
Nambassa  +   1782d ago
Incredible score.
I've got the demo and I absolutely loved Shelby's part. It's just so unique and atmospheric, it actually gave me goosebumps. Cannot wait for this beast of a game!
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Nambassa  +   1782d ago
Edit: Sorry for double post guys =/
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fishd  +   1782d ago
But unfortunatly I realy doubt if we are going to get more of these games,gaming is now all about multiplayer 'fun'.Fingding a Great singleplayer experience is going to become harder and harder :'(
ryuzu  +   1782d ago
Indeed. In fact just casually playing through the demo for a few minutes had my wife asking when the game was released and disappointed we couldn't carry on with the investigations....

Now that is what we need more of - games that can keep the adults of the house happy and which you still want to play after an hour (unlike many Wii games...).

TheHater  +   1782d ago
Your avatar. We know that is going to be one hell of a single player :) My most anticipate game of all time in The Last Guardian until Team ICO next game :)
PirateThom  +   1782d ago
Honestly, I'm more likely to throw down cash for a good 6 hour single player game than a tacked on single player mode with limitless hours of multiplayer.

Multiplayer doesn't bring me any excitement, co-op is pretty fun and I'll jump in and out of multiplayer games, but none hold my excitement.
Kevin ButIer  +   1782d ago
It only does AAA games with "tits, ass, blood, death and all that cool stuff"

Thanks NextGN <3
Greywulf  +   1782d ago
Im glad to see Sony saw what QD has been trying to do.
Indigo Prophecy was burden with the QTE system because I think they felt it would make it more of a "GAME". From the demo i saw they have grown and they really only use it for intense moments. I mean that fight with the guy that beats up the hooker was actually exciting and had me panicking to hit the right buttons. It was all contextual.. "oh hes punching me... counter"

IP was just watching a sequence and pressing buttons. Even without the "READY" moments.

Good job, the demo impressed me and solidified QD as pioneers of a new form of interactive story telling.

Plus theres tits (giggle)


"But unfortunatly I realy doubt if we are going to get more of these games"

As long as sony is still around, we will get them.
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sikbeta  +   1782d ago
Just Epic, as I said DC made a Masterpiece and redeemed himself
Saaking  +   1782d ago
Excellent score. 14 more days to go.
Butt Shingles  +   1782d ago
Interesting... This game only reviews multiplats and PS3 exclusives. So much for the name NextGN, doesnt really fit what they review.
PeterPanParadox  +   1782d ago
What, are you joking?


All Xbox 360 reviews and all high scores.
baum  +   1782d ago
How can anyone still trust reviews after threats of blackballing? This is not just for Sony games, but for all games in general (in fact, if anything the last incident with the french website only proves how rigged Halo, Mass Effect and Gears' reviews were; probably the same with Uncharted, GT5 and Gran Turismo).

My point is, scores are meaningless. Only logical arguments matter (especially ones that don't depend on taste), and even them take them with a grain of salt.
ThanatosDMC  +   1782d ago
Wait... there's a demo?! ::goes to PSN::

Update: No demo on PSN. Sad days.
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CrimsonFox13  +   1782d ago
There is, but for now, you have to complete the Four Days Challenge thing and you'll get a code to download the demo. It'll be released publicly next Thursday.

It's really great. I loved both scenes they had. They were like foil characters, Shelby, the old-school cop, and Jayden, the new, high-tech FBI detective. I think completing the challenge is worth it, especially since the answers can be found on just about any Heavy Rain message board. :)
ryuzu  +   1782d ago
"Interesting... This game only reviews multiplats and PS3 exclusives. So much for the name NextGN, doesnt really fit what they review."

What other games are there? Multiplats - they're on 360/PC/PS3 etc. PS3 exclusives and um.... hmm what else? That's pretty much all games right there...

Oh wait! you must mean ..... PC exclusives - yeah sites do that these days, don't really cover PC exclusives that much since they don't draw the crowds they used to...

So that's pretty much everything covered; PS3 exclusives and multiplats covers every game released right now worth talking about.

Butt Shingles  +   1782d ago
You're either ignorant or stupid, because what I meant was Xbox 360 exclusives. And if you're saying that the Xbox has not one good title, than you're admitting stupidity in this case.


Really? Thats your excuse? 2 pieces of DLC, Gears 2 and Fable 2? Thats a pretty hard reach.

ON TOPIC: I dont trust any review that doesnt come on/after the embargo date. Because with evidence of Sony blacklisting, on top of the fact that anyone that gets exclusive reviews no matter which system its on is in the pocket of someone, there is something really strange about a no-name site getting to break the embargo.

Im calling shenanigans on this review. Ill wait til Thursday and assess the legit reviews.
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darkmurder  +   1782d ago
Good score but who the hell gives 99? Just give it 100!
Evil Industry  +   1782d ago
Definitely picking this game up day one. If it ends up being a crap game, who cares, the actress that played Madison is hot. A little video-game boobs can go a long way. :D
-Alpha  +   1782d ago
Tap Dancing Hell
A big fat 99/100, that's fantastic.
UltimateSin  +   1782d ago
"If it ends up being a crap game"??!?! That is an unacceptable statement to be said along side the game.

I know you didn't say the game WILL be crap but still, the demo is great and the game is great, as proven by the review.
Sackdude  +   1782d ago
Need money to buy this game.
MrJackOfAllTrades   1782d ago | Spam
jalen247  +   1782d ago
"Heavy Rain has the best, and most photo-realistic, graphics to be seen on console to date. The amount of work Quantic Dream put into even the tiniest detail is just crazy. The thing that stands out the most is the character models; the definition in their complexion is unbelievable – you can see the pores in their skin, the acme scars, and every little crease and wrinkle. The character´s facial expressions are pin-point precise."

Excellent score.

I expect this game to be a critical hit.
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40cal  +   1782d ago
I would really love to see this game reach great levels of commercial success along with the critical. 1. Because we need more games like this, and 2. Because we need more games like this.

So this is without a doubt Day MFing One for me.
coolfool  +   1782d ago
acme scars
Couldn't help but laugh when I saw that. What are they? Cartoon violence scars!?! lol
Dutch Boogie  +   1782d ago
Day 1 buy
4point7BillionLoss  +   1782d ago
Sims Toilet Edition
You must buy this game to experience the toilet in High definition ....
TheColbertinator  +   1782d ago
"Besides, I just don't see young gamers (those MW2 fanatics) having the patience to sit through it."

Hahaha agree with that.
Evil Industry  +   1782d ago
So true...
... but that´s the scary thing. I want this game to do well in sale and unfortunately majority of gamers are idiots. :(
Madeline12  +   1782d ago
Another good review ! yes. I Bought the game already so it does not matter but it is good to see such good scores.
PopEmUp  +   1782d ago
how come you already brought the game already? Where did you brought it?
PeterPanParadox  +   1782d ago
Sony did the right thing taking Quantic Dream on board. Absolutely glowing review. Can´t wait!
IndigoProductions  +   1782d ago
Uh oh....
I think I just blew my load :-O

I want!!
Tripl3seis  +   1782d ago
wow this is awesome i cant wait to play it i have a feeling that this game is going to be a clasic i can feel it. Oh btw guys dont forget on spike tv the new god of war 3 video i think is the 12 i cant wait chaos awaits!!!!!
tinybigman  +   1782d ago
So true Evil, so true
been telling my friends that since the beginning of this generation. all they want is shooter, shooter, shooter, shooter; gems like this get passed over because its not a shooter.

man i can't wait to get this game.
maverick1191  +   1782d ago

very nice cant wait till release
Ikuhara  +   1782d ago
can't wait to play this
NateDPG  +   1782d ago
"Besides, I just don’t see young gamers (those MW2 fanatics) having the patience to sit through it."

I other words bots
UltimateSin  +   1782d ago
Cannot wait to play the full version in a few weeks. I expect this game to get 9+/10(avg) and early scores are proving that.
pippoppow  +   1782d ago
This game needed
I do not want or need to play a game every time that has shooting mechanics. I personally do not care for FPS games and only occasionally bother with multiplayer. A great single player experience is much preffered. Good to see reviwers not being so closed minded and think every game has to have a gun. This game will need all the positive shine on it to have a break through success. This may be the rebirth and evolution of graphig adventure genre. CINEMATIC ADVENTURE? The potential is there for some really good games to follow using a similar engine.
bujasem_89  +   1782d ago
yet another
Saahweeeeet Review for this day 1 purchase game :D
maniacmayhem  +   1782d ago
Another Sony Flo..Oh wait..

I have this game number 1 on my Gamefly que!

Can't wait!
mrdxpr2  +   1782d ago
i think this is one of the best reviews this year just cause the fact it said "Besides, I just don't see young gamers (those MW2 fanatics) having the patience to sit through it." exactly ....

Heavy Rain really is a good piece of work really a lot of sweat and tears went in to the game and the demo proves it cant wait for the game to come out finally something not a shooter or rpg..
Justin_bristoe  +   1782d ago
triple A station..
halo,gears l4d,there pretty much all the same game with different levels lol
mrdxpr2  +   1782d ago
this review score I JUST JIZZED IN MY PANTHS.
prettyboy1  +   1782d ago
after playing the demo
i can see this game getting good reviews my girlfriend the sexy latina in my avatar simply loves the game.she cant wait till i buy the real game jus cuz she wants to finish the story and find the killer.
oh and the fact that youll be able to be the killer in the dlc is also a win win situation congrats QD for a new gaming genere
BubbleSystemSuck  +   1782d ago
why just not give it a 100/100

i think, or 95/100 or 100...

Good job Sony... if FFXIII diserve a 8.5, i dont think a 7, or 7.5 for WKC are a Bad Thing... even Bioshock 2 score 8.5.

I just play my games... a Score doesnt change my mind... only the gameplay videos can change my mind about a game.

I prefer make my own mistakes.
Karooo  +   1782d ago
haha look at the bots in the article metal gear rising


Alan Wake

I think i would go for Alan Wake . I wouldn’t want to walk out of the store with a game like Heavy Rain with a red face knowing very well everyone are probably laughing behind my back."

looks like he is too shy to post a comment here
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unchartedgoty  +   1782d ago
holy crap
this has to be goty, if not...gow3 or the last guardian. MARK MY WORDS.
Amiroo  +   1782d ago
really ? what about Alan Wake ? Halo Reach ? Masseffect2 ? Fable III ? Splinter Cell Conviction ? Starcraft II ? and much more
Danteh  +   1782d ago
Lmao of those only MAss Effect 2 has possibilities, and maybe Starcraft but cause its a PC game I don't see it gettin GOTY.
THe others are just games who are going to flop/mediocres, like Alan or Splinter, or the same all over again (Reach)
mp1289  +   1782d ago
that picture with the clown tricked me thinking it was real.
Corrwin  +   1782d ago
Why is this review and score listed under &quot;Heavy Rain 3&quot;
Can we get a fix for this? What's the point in an average score if you have them in two separate categories for the same game on the same platform?
Shane Kim  +   1781d ago
Hahaha, you can easily see when a game scores high on N4G. No one is commenting it :D.
WIIIS1  +   1781d ago
A PS3 game for mature audience. Something tells me sales will stink.
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