Gamer Limit Review: Dante's Inferno

Gamer Limit writes: "Forget everything you already know about Dante's Inferno. Forget the frequently questionable ad campaign. Forget the comparisons. Forget that there is some big title just around the corner. Forget the differences from its literary "counterpart". Forget it all. Either way, go to Hell."

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Fullish3204d ago

hated it, felt like a god of war rip.

thedoctor3204d ago

Yep, definitely not a fan. Good vid though.

DangerCurtis3204d ago

With so many titles coming out, this one just feel another hack n slash in a sea of games. No doubt that this game is interesting, but I'm going to wait til it starts to come down in price.

TheGameLlama3204d ago

I bet this is EXACTLY how the book plays out.

AcesAndEights3204d ago

Heard the book had more breasts, and instead of killing death he only delivered a vicious Shoryuken to him. Hate it when things deviate from the book like that.