Pre-orders Soar for Bad Company 2

EA is reporting huge pre-orders sales for Bad Company 2 according to MCV Magazine. DICE product manager Will Graham stated this is due in part to the assets released in the recent months. A "TV campaign" is also planned so keep an eye out for Bad Company 2 commercials!

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coolcole933178d ago

I love Bad Company 2, it's just so epic.

Epicness abound:

mr mintleaf3178d ago

Love the demo. It's so good. Played the beta to death, have to say that DICE totally tweaked the game to perfection.

One thing tho: I hope they fix the Options menu for land vehicles. I like driving tanks with the left thumbstick for throttle/reverse/steer as it was in BadCo 1 and 1943. Also, a way to save those settings would be nice.

ASSASSYN 36o3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

More targets for my tank!

Fanb0y3178d ago

Why you mofo! You're one o' them tank campers' arentcha? With engies repairing you all the time?

Just wait till I sneak up behind you with my rocket launcher.

ASSASSYN 36o3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Your number is in there somewhere high-speed. I invented this combat strategy playing Operation Flashpoint on the PC years ago with my clan. We specialize in vehicle combat. It's is going to take more than your RPG and desire for me to run all over the map before you kill me when I can reach out and tap dat ass with my smooth-bore cannon.

Fanb0y3178d ago

You just wait.
See you on the battlefield, soldier!

Killzonegamer843178d ago

I think im the only person that thinks the demo sucked.. The game is just not fun whatsoever, i love shooters and online shooters and i tried and tried to like this game but something just doesnt click.. And i like everything from Killzone 2 to MW2 so its not like i think its too hard.. The game is just very boring.

It has all the right ingredients and great production values but the game just lacks that fun factor, it just feels like a chore and isnt fun. I do admit though, i do go around just blowing up buildings thats kind of fun.

Dave13513178d ago

Just because you suck at it doesnt mean the game is bad, noob

xabmol3178d ago

I've played it for 10+ hours. I like the engineer class. I never fear tanks. =] Plus that Scar ain't half bad.

I need to make a tough decision though... BFBC2 or MAG?? I need a well made lag/glitch free (as possible) competitive game to get my fix! I like the scale and vehicles of BC, but MAG is HUGE so I can be very sneaky...

Suggestions? pros/cons? I need all the help I can get lol.

Dave13513178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

In bad company you will be in the game actually playing alot longer, in mag you will be mostly looking at the screen waiting to respawn (you die alot).

In bad company you can spawn on your squad and people actually revive you unlike mag. so you will be in the battle almost twice as long

Also in bad company you actually get the feeling that your helping your team to win and actually have the opportunity to turn the battle around if losing.

So you decide which is better