Preview: Tournament of Legends -

Gamervision says, "At E3 2009, we sat down with High Voltage Software and had a chance to get a first glance at Gladiator A.D., a unique fighting game that looked to bring the brutal gladiator arenas to gaming unlike ever before. Now, just half a year later, they've pulled the plug on the project, instead re-purposing the title to be a more accessible, over the top experience that more accurately addresses the Wii's strengths and, more importantly, audience. Fighting under the name Tournament of Legends, the game takes an entirely different approach to the arena, replacing the different archetypal fighters of Rome with, as the name suggests, legends. There's no argument that fighting battles as Medusa, a Minotaur, or the King of Gods is more interesting than generic combatants, but the question remains: was the change for the better?"

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