Battle of Forli: What the Hell, Ubisoft?

Gamersmint writes: "Downloadable content, these days, is becoming a crutch for game developers to lean on for earning some loose change (a lot of loose change in fact). We all know of Capcom's infamous Resident Evil 5 multiplayer DLC stunt. While Ubisoft has not fallen to that level, 'Battle of Forli' still reeks of heresy."

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alishapiip3230d ago

Publishers are duping gamers with such nonsensical DLCs. And the worst part is that we're falling for it

Pennywise3229d ago

Kinda like gamers on N4G falling for a bunch of 5 bubbles anonymous comments from people running the site of the submitted article. Someone might actually believe that people care about the article.

No shame.

TheDudeAbides3229d ago

Im not paying for something that shoul be on disc. You couldn't make it in time? Give it for free then or GTFO.

evrfighter3229d ago

single greatest mistake in gaming is DLC. Developers used to show their support and how dedicated they were by giving their customers and fans new maps, side quests etc...

It'll happen once in a blue moon on consoles but the only developers that continue this tradition are Valve and Blizzard. Wouldn't you know, they are considered among the best in the industry.

Saaking3229d ago

I know it's a cheap cash in, but I bough anyways :(

I just really enjoy AC2!

Rocket Sauce3229d ago

I can think of a million better ways to spend 4 bucks.

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gryfindor13230d ago

Ubisoft doesnt do DLC well. Remember the Prince of Persia Epilogue DLC...they promised it would resolve the cliffhanger ending of the creating ANOTHER cliffhanger?

Atleast the DLC wasnt on the disc like Capcom...dirty scum.

Blaze9293229d ago

Yeah I was expecting more from the AC2 DLCs. They didnt even add new achievements/trophies. I'm not gonna lie either, if they added achievements I probably would have purchased the packs. But as it is now I'm not buying either for something they blatantly removed from the original game.

Basically, "pay for these two packs to see two memories that were removed from the original game." wtf

Redempteur3229d ago

I don't like dlcs .but i'm willing but purchase them if they're something really worthy .
AC2 dlcs are not .

AC2 dlcs have 2 sins :

-They should have been in the main game ( there is no reason otherwise ) ..seriously going from sequence 11 to 14 ?? What the hell ?
-second they cut the game in the worse moment EVER ...
You just got recognised by the other assasins are the prophet !! and ....CUT ...
You can't even imagine who pissed i was ...

This is trully the fatal flaw this game has ..the dlcs ..
You have to feel ripped off ..


ps: i find it funny that they couldn't even change the setting of forli at least for this chapter ..WTF ? the shops are still open ? in a battle like this ?

Seraphim3213230d ago

agree that this dlc is not what one wud xpect ubisoft to put out considering the super quality of ac2!!!

wdeath3230d ago

I actually enjoyed the DLC, dont see why all the hate

Sarcasm3229d ago

Because it's blatantly something that was removed from the game and sold as an "add-on"

STONEY43229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

And we have to pay for it, even though it was supposed to be in the game. And they tried to cover it up in the story by saying the memories were corrupted.

cyborg3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Seriously, the way publishers are exploiting DLCs to fill their own coffers is really hurting gamers. Charging for something which was supposed to be in the original game screams suckage on their part and the fact that it din provide enough content, even makes it worse. Way to go t3h money-minded beybah!

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