Industry lacks social responsibility, says Home Secretary

Jack Straw, the UK's Home Secretary, has said that he does not see games developers and publishers taking responsibility for the content they produce.

The comments came during questions in Parliament and were prompted by outspoken games critic and Labour MP Keith Vaz.

Vaz raised the issue of Manhunt 2 being banned by the BBFC this week, as well as the withdrawal of PC title Law and Order: Double or Nothing, which contained an image of murdered toddler James Bulger.

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Diselage4190d ago

They still say they didn't have pressure from political sources? Thats getting harder to believe.

level 3604189d ago

Even though I hate all politicians and their agendas, I do agree there's a bit of truth in that headline...

cdawson4189d ago

I hate to say it, and maybe it's my old age coming into play but I think it's high time developers start to become accountable for some of the stuff they produce.
Movies and TV are one thing, they simply only provide you with images of violence; games like manhunt and GTA actually give you the opportunity to commit the act of hardcore violence. Often without a real goal or purpose for what you're doing (ie. killing hookers and bystanders).

emptiness4189d ago

that games developers and publishers are not taking responsibility for the content they produce...i agree

bootsielon4189d ago

But so does cinema, TV, and so on. The only thing the industry needs stopped being bugged by stupid bull like this is for people to grow up. The problem with videogames is that technology and themes are advancing faster than the mindset in the morons we have for politicians. I don't see most of the porn industry being responsible for what they do, and they're extremely popular.