Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Q&A

Blueside Studios director Henry Lee talks to about the next game in the popular Kingdom Under Fire series.

When Blueside Studios announced last year that the next games in its Kingdom Under Fire series would be an action-oriented role-playing game rather than a real-time strategy sequel, many fans were quick to express their disappointment on message boards and forums. Of course, very little was known about Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom at that time, but with every new morsel of information that's released, it seems that more of the series' faithful are converted. Blueside Studios takes player feedback very seriously, as director Henry Lee explained during a recent interview with

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FCOLitsjustagame4195d ago

As placeholder dates came and went and no one was even mentioning this game I was starting to figure it was not ever going to materialize.

But here it is another game on my list, but we will have to see how it pans out since they are changing the series. Again I look for a solid release date and again I get nothing, well except a decent joke this time:

"Well, the end is near, and the development team is all dying and turning into zombies as usual. There's a huge boulder rolling toward us from the back, and we're crawling inch by inch toward the goal of completing the game. The exact release date will be decided by Microsoft, so we have nothing to announce, but we can tell you that it will be coming out sometime during the fall. "

SuicidalTendencies4195d ago

"so we decided to use them in our next title, (I'm not sure if I can officially announce its name yet, sorry), which will be a traditional KUF-style RTS."

It's really good to know that they will be making another classic Kingdom Under Fire game. I loved the first two and am looking forward to playing the next installment.

deadpreacher4194d ago

Yea i loved the old ones very much. Still own and play them today. Anyways for this new one. I'm not really caring so much for it. So i may pass it up or just rent it. Also like the guy said there is anew KUF coming out thats RTS so i will meet up with all of you there.

_insane_cobra4195d ago

Looks much better than I expected, hope we get a new video soon.