PS3 has "almost no limitations" for Hot Shots Golf 5, says devs

Clap Hanz president Masashi Muramori recently sat down for an interview about his beloved Hot Shots franchise. The interview covered many topics, from the possibility of new sports to explore, previous games' success and of course, the PS3's anticipated Hot Shots Golf 5. The interview is summarized below, but if you're interested in any other information, feel free to check the full interview out.

* The demo is a good indicator as to the graphical quality of the final product. New courses under development will improve effects and environmental design.
* Muramori also said there are "almost no limitations on the PS3's ability to create visually rich and fully interactive environments," stressing he would like to take advantage of that on every course.
* The Japanese version will tout 15 playable golfers, 7 caddies and 6 courses. No word on whether the numbers will go up or down for the rest of the world.
* The new shot mechanic (playable in the demo) is meant to bring about a more realistic and fluid swing to the game. Muramori admits it's more difficult to master, but when you do, the shots will be more powerful and travel farther.
* Online features will be based on what was available with Hot Shots Golf Fore, but built up exponentially. More features are going to be announced at E3.
* At this time, Muramori doesn't have any plans to put Sixaxis controls into the game. You won't have to swing that controller around just yet.

The final point Muramori answers is the possibility of downloadable content. This is the type of game that's perfect for extra stuff down the road. New courses, characters, outfits for characters, special online tournaments ... there are so many potential reasons to add on to the game after release. Muramori understands this and is very excited and ready to explore them. More announcements regarding this will come with E3, also.

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Rybnik4191d ago

Here is some gameplay for you..although I never played this series before, I just might pick this one up. It looks amazing, and also looks pretty fun!

Mr_Kuwabara4191d ago

I bought Open Tee for the PSP and it was an OK game but this one looks great as well.

Hypnotic4191d ago

it's Hot Shots Golf. How excited can you get?

Sevir044191d ago

i'm completely stoked for this game. it's even more fun that that tigerwoods game made by EA. i cant wait till it hit's the US, or i could just pic it up here in Japan, but it doesn't support english. Downloadable content... heck yeah, a game like this would work well under that business model. and wow the new screens look amazing. this is a go getter, and people in Japan will flock to this like pigeons in a rice field. the same way folksoul was eaten alive when it released 2 days ago. u'd be lucky if you find one copy

MannyHarlem1414191d ago

wayy more fun than tiger woods, i traded it in for mlb the show

Lord Anubis4191d ago

it wouldn't be the first time a developer had utter the same words.

Hot shot is really fun and addicting. Playing it against friends is just superb.

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The story is too old to be commented.