99 rated players in Madden 08

ESPN the Magazine has revealed all of the players in Madden 08 that have a 99 overall rating.

Peyton Manning (QB Colts), Champ Bailey (CB Broncos), Walter Jones (OT Seahawks), LaDainian Tomlinson (RB Chargers), Steve Smith (WR Panthers), Brian Urlacher (LB Bears), Steve Hutchinson (OG Vikings), Ed Reed (S Ravens), Troy Polamalu (S Steelers)

The only player in that group that stands out as questionable is probably Polamalu. He certainly was the one name I didn't expect to see in that list and someone like Adrian Wilson might be more deserving at safety. The only position not represented with a 99 (outside of specialty positions) is the defensive line.

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Rythrine4189d ago

I agree Julius Peppers or Jason Taylor should've been included in that list. They've been always consistent every season. I'm a panther fan but they should've included Marvin Harrison there with Steve Smith. These are just my opinions. As for Polamalu, I think he deserves to be there. He's a very solid and versatile player imo and made Steelers defense one of the elites last season. As for next season, can't really say now that they lost Joey Porter.

harpua4189d ago

"The only player in that group that stands out as questionable is probably Polamalu."

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze, nobody combines that amount of versatility.

Diselage4189d ago

I don't know why Peppers wasn't on there, he deserves a 99 especially for his position.

Bolts4189d ago

Antonio Gates should be 99 for TE and why isn't Ray Lewis a 99 for line backers?

omansteveo4189d ago

Tony Gonzalas is the best TE ever and hes not a 99?

shysun4189d ago

Champ....My Broncs are going to kick some ass this season.

PS360PCROCKS4189d ago

You and me are now very good friends indeed...

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