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Square-Go: Heavy Rain Hands-on

SG writes: "What's most remarkable about Heavy Rain is that it's remarkable before you've got the controller in your hands. The characters are captured to a higher level of detail than we've ever seen in a PS3 game. Every voice you hear, whether it's someone you can talk to or just someone in a passing crowd, is coming from the lips of a virtual facsimile of the voice actor." (Heavy Rain , PS3)

Denethor_II  +   1872d ago
Really good to have a change of pace in gaming thank the lord for the PS3.
PS Come on Pompey to beat Sunderland 2-0
Finn  +   1868d ago
Fahrenheit fears
I don't know, I'm downloading the Demo now and I have some concerns as Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy) was a nice idea marred by inconsistance control systems and some really shonky ideas. (the quick time event sex scene was a particularly misguided moment of lunacy)

Still it could be quite good.
Finn  +   1868d ago
Scratch previous comment
The walking controls are just plain broken, and while the story aspect and unpredictablility is interesting the Quick-Time-Event nature will get quickly annoying.

Also the damn thing crashed to a black screen with loud rain noise on the Crime Scene section, scaring the bejesus out of me. I thought it was intentional until I pressed the PS button and realised the system was hanging.

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