Sony Doing Pre E3 Developer Interviews Starting 6/25/07 till E3

Playstation.Blog reports:

We wanted to introduce you to a new series of posts we're going to have here starting Monday that we are affectionately calling "Inside the Developers Studio." If you've ever seen Inside the Actors Studio, you are familiar with how host, James Lipton, asks the same questions to every guest on the show. Inspired by this ritual, we thought it would be fun to develop our own set of E3-specific questions and have the developers of some of our most anticipated first-party titles candidly give insight into their titles and E3.

Over the next two and a half weeks we will post a different developer's responses every day, so stay tuned and hear directly from the creative minds behind some of your favorite games…

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drtysouf214191d ago

This is a great idea. Can't wait to check on Monday to see who they interview!

kingofps34191d ago

Hope its going to be Jaffe first. He's in the hot seat everytime anyways.

Rybnik4191d ago

This is a great idea! I wonder if this is more evidence of Sony's keeping the fans more informed..
On the note of upcoming E3 games:

Seb "motherh" Downie has made some new comments on KZ2:

How do you guys feel about the "Hype" (anticipation) surrounding your latest project?
For me It's tough for anything these days to live up fans anticipation.
It kind of reminds me of your "ohh **bleep** wer'e going to die" comment.

motherh wrote:
I feel a lot better about it now. I can't wait for E3 now. Should be very exciting.

You feel confident in what you're going to be showing?

motherh wrote:
I think so yes, but I am not saying any more. Said too much.

hmmm, interesting. Just 19 more days!!!

Mr_Kuwabara4191d ago

Show us at least a new image for peeps sake.

Vojkan4191d ago

Blog says "first party", and MGS is not first party.

Rybnik4191d ago

Indeed, next to KZ2, I think MGS4 is the most anticipated PS3 title for which we have seen almost no actual gameplay! Lookin' forwards to it.

Blasphemy4191d ago

Definitely going to keep a watch on this blog.

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