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Ubisoft aren't ready to reveal Ghost Recon: Future Soldier platforms yet

Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Future Soldier this morning, with the Xbox 360 being the only platform confirmed. When Strategy Informer asked Ubisoft about PS3 or PC versions, the firm told Strategy Informer that it won't be revealing the platforms just yet as gamers will have to wait for more announcements. (Industry, PC, PS3, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Xbox 360)

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qface64  +   2063d ago
i predict that people will jump the gun and say its a 360 exclusive only to have it actually be for ps3/pc as well
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socomnick  +   2063d ago
Are there any pics ? or any video?

I really hope its back to Ghost Recon 1 Style and they abandoned the graw bs.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2063d ago
And WTF makes you think that? I wonder. Why would 360 gamers with this info come to the conclusion at this point that this game is an exclusive!? What a mind boggling adventure you must be on.
GrieverSoul  +   2063d ago
I bet they are waiting for someone to offer them a big check!! ;)

Its not like they wanted too but since they insisted... :)
darkmurder  +   2063d ago
Maybe Xbox/PC exclusive due to X10 announcement later on, hope not!
qface64  +   2063d ago
right because we all know a game should be thought of as exclusive WITHOUT actual confirmation that it is in fact exclusive
Double07  +   2063d ago
Sounds familar to what happened with Lost Planet 2.

What happened with that game again..?

I'd be incredibly surprised if it doesnt come out for PC/ PS3
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Bungie  +   2063d ago
timed exclusivity maybe ?
Hellsvacancy  +   2063d ago
Ghost Recon - meh

Another disappointin announcement (well it is 4-me)
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ryuzu  +   2063d ago
MS Baiting is becoming a sport this gen.

1) 3rd party announce game, but not platforms
2) Leave platform support open in press releases
3) Wait for MS to offer cash to ensure exclusivity
4) Goto 2.

I mean that's what's happening now right? MS killed off what 1st parties they had. What they've got left isn't producing good games (yes Rare I'm talking about you).

So Ubi and EA have them over a barrel - they just leave the ME and Splinter Cell platforms open and MS send them a blank check every month....

I'd feel sorry for MS, but really, Ubi/EA/MS all deserve each other lol.

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SL1M DADDY  +   2063d ago
This would be a shame if they do in fact keep it exclusive.
This game is a great franchise and it would be best if played by all. Hopefully they do the right thing and keep it multiplat.
socomnick  +   2063d ago
Hope its exclusive, hope they dont dumb it down so it can run on the ps3. I am tired of the weak ps3 hardware holding back 360 games.
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SL1M DADDY  +   2063d ago
@ socomnick
Your logic is a bit flowed if you don't mind me saying so. Typically speaking, multiplatform games favor the 360 in small but evident ways and so it would seem that porting to PS3 does not in fact effect the 360 versions of the game in a negative way. The plus side to multiplat is that more players get the game and more sales typically solidify sequels and more games for all. Is that a bad thing?
OmegaSlayer  +   2063d ago
Anyway they weren't ready for anything since they didn't even release a trailer or some pics.
Whatever platform they're going to release the game on, this is the lamest "big announcement" ever.
sack_boi  +   2063d ago
Show me a game that has as much features (XBL and non-XBL) as Halo 3 or Dead or Alive 4 then we can say the other console isn't holding back the X360.

It's time these companies start using our systems to their fullest: If you're making a game that's heavy on cut-scenes (MGS4, FFXIII) or is open world (GTA...) then make it a PS3 exclusive.

If the game has multiplayer then please make sure it's on par with Halo 3 (shooters) or Dead or Alive 4 (fighters).
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Fanb0y  +   2063d ago
But the beta will be exclusive.
At least, for the moment.

BREAKING NEWS: This game will come out of all 3 major platforms. Says Ubisoft.

@moosehound PS3 and 360 coming out at the same time. More PC details later.
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StanLee  +   2063d ago
Like I said yesterday, it's just like Capcom using XBox Live to announce Lost Planet 2 but it alienates an entire community when they do something like this. Why not make an announcement on PSN as well? We know it's a multiplatform title. GRAW2 was on the PS3 so why regress and make an upcoming title exclusive? Game companies like the gaming media are actively playing to fanboyism.
sack_boi  +   2063d ago
I don't see you criticizing SqaureEnix or Konami for doing it. It's not that big of a deal.
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SL1M DADDY  +   2063d ago
@ sack_boi
Typically the discussion does not include online features and to be honest, there are no features I can think of that the PS3 does not have that would make the 360 versions better. In the end, online is about playing games online and to most, this is all they need. Both consoles have friends lists and both consoles support invites. The PS3 has the capability to hold games with 256 players while the 360 cannot. Both have there up and downs but I am certain the PS3 is not necessarily holding the 360 back in terms of online features.
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baum  +   2063d ago
@Assassyn36o: Yeah, like it didn't happen with Lost Planet 2. Right?
"And WTF makes you think that? I wonder. Why would 360 gamers with this info come to the conclusion at this point that this game is an exclusive!? What a mind boggling adventure you must be on."

Someone has a short memory. Lost Planet 2, remember? I specifically remember how "Why Dis" was on a trip about how supposedly LP2 had the best graphics ever and therefore impossible to do on PS3. (LMAO)


Didn't square enix show 360 some love with 3 flopped exclusives? How about Konami showing MGR for the first time on Microsoft's presentation? Yeah, there's nothing to criticize there.

Especially since they back Microsoft, which is the best company ever. /S
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otherZinc  +   2063d ago
Perhaps UBI is having problems with the.............
CO-OP portion of Ghost Recon. Remember, SONY has no well made co-op games that aren't cell shaded & Ghost Recon has 16 player co-op in an enormous map.
JamieReleases  +   2063d ago
Difficult to tell at the moment, but this should at least make it to the PC.
RealityCheck  +   2063d ago
Translation: "We have started a bidding war to see if company Y is ready to pay us not to accept exclusivity contract from company X, or maybe pay us an incentive to make it time exclusive only. Once the bidding war is done, we'll announce the platforms and pretend it was the plan all along."
360 PIMP  +   2063d ago
oh yea
its not gonna be exclusive
chak_  +   2063d ago
Don't bother for PC if it's anything as un-tactical as the latests ;)
peeps  +   2063d ago
i can't remember why, but graw2 came out on 360 first, then a few months late on pc, then the following month on ps3.

it would make more sense to release accross all platforms at the same time but could see a similar thing with this new game
frankymv  +   2063d ago
Another shooter?
To go along with:

Treyarch's Modern Warfare
Crysis 2
Medal of Honor
Spec Ops: The Line
Resistance 3
Killzone 3

and now this?
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2063d ago
Your point would make sense...but Ghost Recon 4 was announced almost a year ago.


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ElementX  +   2063d ago
If you don't want shooters, buy one of these:

Ghostsmoker  +   2063d ago
Well, that's good ...
more games - more fun. And I think you mean Treyarch's Vietnam Shooter.
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OmegaSlayer  +   2063d ago
I'm with franky (+ bubble).
Even if the new Ghost Recon would be great, we have already way too many similar games.
Fanb0y  +   2063d ago
I think we can all agree that no matter how cool Spec Ops - The Line will be, it's definitely going to be a sleeper this holiday season. Medal of Honor AND Call of Duty? Both with major marketing budgets? No chance.
kenpachi  +   2063d ago
and if they come out at the same time one will have exclusive DLC
Neurotoxin  +   2063d ago
This has got to be the stupidest PR i`ve ever heard of. Ubisoft exclusively reveal the new Ghost Recon will be heading to 360, but will be on other platforms as well. EH?

I`m not really seeing the point of this announcement at all.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2063d ago
Welcome to the gaming industry.
tehReaper  +   2063d ago
I think it's more of an XBL bonus. I mean, they're always talking about adding more value, so what's wrong with announcing a game exclusively on a service?

Gaming magazines and websites get the inside scoop on games when others don't. What's wrong with announcing a game on XBL?
baum  +   2063d ago
Well, either Microsoft has run out of money
Or it's too expensive to ask for timed exclusives now that the PS3 has reached critical mass. Now, they have to rely on perceived exclusives. See Lost Planet 2 reveal for more (and the short memory of 360 fanboys for hilarity).
DelbertGrady  +   2063d ago
Timed exclusivity perhaps?
Xbots PaPa   2063d ago | Spam
peeps  +   2063d ago
wow very mature.

and i actually agree soda. it wouldn't surprise me tbh, graw2 wasn't released on ps3 until 5 months after the 360 version.

it could just be that they haven't mentioned other platforms yet cus this current news about the demo with SC:C is 360 exclusive related
DelbertGrady  +   2063d ago
I think GRAW2 had to do with the later release of the PS3 somehow. It's obvious they will release it for all consoles though. Maybe they are just playing around with media a bit to get attention.

Kind of sad how people give agrees to the multi-account troll above.
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Xbots PaPa   2063d ago | Spam
cygnuszero  +   2063d ago
Another nail in Sony's coffin this gen?
ElementX  +   2063d ago
Xbots PaPa   2063d ago | Spam
tehReaper  +   2063d ago
You should know by now that Sony isn't going ANYWHERE.

And how would Sony leaving the game industry benefit you?

No competition = mediocrity.
Braska  +   2063d ago
"Ubisoft aren't ready"

That doesn't sound right...
plb  +   2063d ago
It just means they haven't received their check in the mail from MS yet lol.
DARKrage34  +   2062d ago
Yeah... lol.
I am pretty sure the verb should be singular since it is following the collective noun 'Ubisoft'.

Ubisoft isn't blah blah blah ready blah... I can't wait to see what this game is about.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2063d ago
Unless the playstation gets splinter cell: Conviction. You sony boys will be missing out on the Ghost Recon beta included with it. Looks like they took a page from Realtime worlds and Bungie. Include beta with a game.

thief  +   2063d ago
Well, MS might pay silly money as they desperately need exclusives. Not only do they far fewer studios - they are also going with most of their big-hitters in 2010 (and still barely able to match PS3)

Which means, after Fable 4 and Halo 5 come out in late 2010 - for almost 2 years no exclusives other than Gears 3 (exactly the same as Gears 1/2) and Forza 4 (ditto for Forza 2/3) and maybe the odd flop from Rare
on the other side, you have KZ3, UC3, inFamous 2, Agent from Rockstar, David Jaffe's game, FF versus 13, Warhawk studio, Motorstorm 3, insomniac 2011 game, White knight 2, Valkyria 2, LBP studio game
Its a bloodbath, really
Doc Sony  +   2063d ago
Watch Ghost Recon turn into the second coming if its 360 exclusive.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2063d ago
Kills me how people actually think we 360 gamers care if MS buys exclusives. I RDGaF! What...are we supposed to feel sad with you. Want a hug?

And what ever platform it goes too. I know it will not be going to the PC or wii. Ubisoft announced already stated on their website that they are focusing on 360/ps3 due to losses.

"we intend to continue to refocus our development resources on our major franchises and on the Xbox360 and PS3, the two consoles which are expected to see sales growth in games for gamers in 2010."
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The Maxx  +   2063d ago
HAHAHA I was right. I knew it would be Ghost Recon. So we know it's on the 360 for sure...not sure why Ubisoft would be so quiet about PC and PS3. Maybe because it's a timed exclusive? Who knows. But confirmed for 360!!!
OmarJA-N4G  +   2063d ago
NeutralGamer  +   2063d ago
It's probably no exclusive... They are just waiting to announce it with Sony, for showing the ps3 version off...
Pennywise  +   2063d ago
Thanks spazoids... Its been fun watching everyone in this article jump to conclusions.

Confirmed for PS3 minutes later.
OpiZA  +   2063d ago
I hope they only reveal it the 3rd time it's delayed
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2063d ago
BAD-LUCK ChatBots&ModBots...
"Update: According to one of Ubisoft's Twitter accounts, the "same experience, same development team and same release date" will be coming to PlayStation 3. Ubisoft's Kimi Matsuzaki also noted that PC details would come "later."


Mo0eY  +   2063d ago
And with that link, the Bots' dreams just poofed.
Deadman64  +   2063d ago
aww another day, another game announcment, another scavenger hunt for PS3 fanboys to find out if they will get the game

Obama  +   2063d ago
aww another day, another game announcement, another heart breaking moment for the bots to find out that the game is not exclusive.

Deadman64  +   2062d ago
lol i like what you did there. it was cute. but you missed my point. It's ok though I wouldn't expect obama to understand
Domer25  +   2063d ago
Love the ghost recon series, will wait for conformation before getting all humpty about it.
KillerPwned  +   2063d ago
They are really dumb if they go exclusive with such a big franchise. Same for splinter cell but i think that one day the conviction will go to ps3.
Jumper09  +   2063d ago
u forget Halo Reach :)
divideby0  +   2063d ago
Why would UBI do a console exclusive, since they do all consoles now ?
IF the game is good, think of all the revenue they would loose from either side.
Its not like a 1st party developer who just does one console.
UBI would be stupid to release it on just the 360 and the PC..than again, since I have all the consoles and a gaming PC, the only thing that matters is renewing GOLD again, but I dont see that happening with unless the game is stellar
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2063d ago
"Why would UBI do a console exclusive, since they do all consoles now?"

*Looks at Splinter Cell conviction 360 exclusive*
Ravenor  +   2063d ago
A Franchise launched on the PC, turned into something COMPLETELY different. GRAW didn't even look like the first Ghost Recon, what is everyone's aversion to games that make you think and risk reward situations literally have risk's? Is it to much for you?
KingJFS  +   2063d ago
This article is a bunch of crap. Ubisoft has already confirmed the game is coming to the PC and PS3.

horndog  +   2062d ago
Who expects this game to be exclusive??
Ghost Recon 2 came out for both system but as usual only a year later for ps3, and as usaul another crappy port. If it were to be exclusive i would say for the xbox and for limited time.

It must suck to be a droid and always wonder if new games will hit ps3, it's never certain on the ps3 like it is on xbox and pc. We get SCConviction exclusives so who cares if GR goes multi it just means for me that i have an option of chosing between ps3 and xbox but naturally the xbox gets the better of multi plat games.
arakouftaian  +   2062d ago
WeSEAs know but
Xbox fanboy belive anything

Future soldier

something was telling me the NeXT

cod was going to be called

call of duty : future warefare

it will be wird if they use that ñame

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