Gamespy Review: Final Fantasy (PSP)

A Fantastic Achievement
Final Fantasy on the PSP is a joy to behold. The PSPs beautiful screen is the perfect venue for this precious RPG relic. The retooled graphics bring a new magic to the original game and suffuse it with the timelessness this treasure deserves. Follow the link for the full review.

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Vagrant_14191d ago

I will be picking this up, I find it more enjoyable to play these old games on my psp

PlayStation3604191d ago

Same here brother. Now I still want to play GoW on my PSP, but these old-school classics are more than a welcomed breather. And, I may have an advantage to some gamers in enjoying this game cause I am a total noob when it comes to FF games before FFX. I never played any of those titles. So I will witness these titles with fresheyes.

omansteveo4191d ago

I want this game too...but im waiting for the psp re-model