Dead Space 2 coming to PSP, potentially iPhone

Pocket Gamer writes: "When Dead Space 2 comes out in early 2011 on consoles, PSP and potentially iPhone and iPod touch will be getting their own versions as well.

EA revealed today that development of handheld versions of the survival-horror epic is underway with an eye for simultaneous release with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game."

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saint_john_paul_ii3228d ago

thats just stupid. why are they porting this game to the PSP/Iphone? you cant just do that. thats what made people not play the PSP in the first Place. straight forward ports that dont work.

Meryl3228d ago

oh dear dead space 2 is going to be nowhere as near as great this time around.

Chuvanes3228d ago

i really need a new horror game in my psp

YoungKingDoran3228d ago

urghh... dead space was on the fast track to being one of my favourite franchises. the more i hear the less i see that becoming a reality. well, theres always the first game...


totally agree with you...

I could not believe how good dead space was and I liked it's story and theme more then gears or resistance. It was my favorite new IP so far this gen.

the more I hear of this though, the more disappointed I am getting. The lead guy has moved on which is never a good sign to start with - now all this.

I am not feeling it at all.

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