Play UK Reviews The Darkness

Play UK magazine's review of The Darkness as stated by metacritic reads...

"The Darkness combines the best bits of mafia and war films, producing one complete, intriguing experience...Few licensed games go beyond the realms of their source material, but The Darkness does it in a fun, gritty and engaging way."

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tony3715d ago

sound like a must buy to me.

Diselage3715d ago

91 out of 100, roughly 9 out of 10. Sounds like a good game to me.

Blankman3715d ago

this game is doing a lot better than i expected

Charlie26883715d ago

I guessed ill need to buy it ASAP :D

Rythrine3715d ago

Little by little, this game is becoming a must-buy for me. I used to be skeptical about this game but it's getting pretty good reviews. Now, if I can only play in that cool armor of his if I don't dig that black coat.

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The story is too old to be commented.