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Gameinformer Heavy Rain's review and explainations

"It's barely a game in the popular sense of the word, but Quantic Dream's masterpiece makes groundbreaking strides in storytelling and character development, demonstrating that interactive entertainment still has a deep well of untapped potential." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9.5/10

Credit url: gamespot.com
Zedux  +   1971d ago
gr8 score but it doesn't hide the fact this guys are crap when it comes to reviewing PS3 only titles!
nix  +   1971d ago
it's going to be bigger than i was expecting it to be...
SL1M DADDY  +   1971d ago
The one thing I take away from their review is this...
They get it. They understand what Quantic Dreams was doing and the direction they were taking when developing Heavy Rain. It is interactive but not a game in the typical sense. It is labeled a game simply because it is on a console but it is something completely different and it's time we get something fresh from the console world.
BeaArthur  +   1971d ago
Zedux...are you really going to make that statement with a straight face? Let me guess, Game Informer favors the 360 right? Or maybe they just hate the PS3? Enough with the "their bias" theories. Just because you probably think every PS3 exclusive deserves a 9+ doesn't mean that they do. There is nothing wrong with the way Game Informer reviews PS3 games.
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AKS  +   1971d ago
I haven't noticed anything irregular about Game Informer's PS3 reviews. The main slant they seem to have is that they tend to be FPS fanatics and tend to overrate shooters. Otherwise, they usually seem to be pretty fair and middle of the road. Most of their review scores are actually very predictable.
sikbeta  +   1971d ago
The Game is a Masterpiece, DC redeemed himself with HR, if you played Indigo/F you'll understand what I'm saying

Gamers FTW!!!
Lifendz  +   1971d ago
I think Game Informer is fair for the most part
I thought their 8.5 was low for KZ2 at the time but after owning the game this long I could see how some wouldn't be as taken with it as I was.
9.5 for Heavy Rain is an amazing score. I already knew I was getting the game day one. Now I might try to find a place selling the game early so I can play it over Spring Break.
OGharryjoysticks  +   1971d ago
"Most of their review scores are actually very predictable."
and most games are actually very predictable too.
otherZinc  +   1971d ago
Overrating, yet again.............
and when this game sells like crap, the media is going to tell the consumer how stupid they are!

No, Game Informer & other media types rating Heavy Rain higher than a 6 is stupid. The Consumer will let you know how good this game is with their wallets.
Lifendz  +   1971d ago
@other zinc
What mainstream media outlet has said the consumer is dumb when a critically acclaimed game doesn't sell as well? And what constitutes "selling." Uncharted 2 is doing great numbers worldwide as are most PS2 exclusives. You can't just go by the NPD numbers. I know MS games usually do much better than PS3 games on NPD but NPD is not the whole picture. There's a whole world out there buying games.

In the end, what you or anyone else care about sales? So long as a game sells well enough for a sequel then who cares? And Sony knows Heavy Rain is a different game, new IP, and might not do blockbuster numbers. Their goal is to have a diverse library of games and, personally, I love that. Take chances. Think outside the box. Give us more than another game where the chars kill aliens and curse profusely.
FragGen  +   1971d ago
While I'm impressed with some of the positive reviews this game is getting, it is still begging for a demo (I'm in NA and do not have a Euro acct) or a rental (I have gamefly so will probably go that route) before I'm committing 60 smackers to it.
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gameraxis  +   1971d ago
ZEDUX is a joke
he's going to go to all the review threads and say something negative about the site...

this was from his famitsu reply,

" gr8 score again but Fumitsu has lost most of it's review power! Just check the score they gave FFXIII! HR is a must have but not because of this review!"

get a life kid
MastaMold  +   1971d ago
Great review I really don't care for reviews nowadays i'll pass

juggment on my own. But before all these great reviews were

coming out for this game it was a day 1 buy already for me.
thePatriot  +   1971d ago
Pushing a button can be a very powerfull emotional impact
for 10 years of owning a ps2. one of the most memorable things I took from that time was playing MGS 3 snake eater. and one of the most emotional moment was when I had to pull the trigger. just one push of a button. there I was, waiting to see what will snake do, for a while, nothing, and then... my hand litterally froze.
Jamegohanssj5  +   1970d ago
Nix - That's what she said.

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Hakimy  +   1971d ago
why does Heavy rain get many "review explanations"? :P
bjornbear  +   1971d ago
its that deep o_o
AKS  +   1971d ago
It's pretty unusual and will be polarizing in a lot of ways. I'm expecting more extreme high and low scores than most games because of this, but so far it's been getting a really positive reception from critics. I already enjoyed Indigo Prophecy, and Heavy Rain seems to have improved upon that game in just about every way, especially regarding dropping the weird supernatural story twists and the Simon Says/ Matrix battles, so I'm pretty excited about HR.
alphakennybody  +   1971d ago
I think it was because of the early reviews with gamekult and the other one. I bet they couldn't justify or find enough valid reason their low scores and only did it to attract hits. The cons gamekult's gave the game were totally rubbish.
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BeaArthur  +   1971d ago
Hakimy...It's probably because we have never seen anything like Heavy Rain before. Even games with original concepts (Bioshock for example) can still be placed into a genre and are therefore quantifiable by those genre's standards. We have never seen anything like Heavy Rain so I think we get these explanations because no one really knows quite how to grade the game based on standard review criteria.
colonel179  +   1971d ago
That is why the review system is so broken, specially this generation. They are always trying to compare a game to something else. If a FPS does not compare to Halo or COD is bad, or if a TPS is not the same as Gears of War is likely to get bad reviews. (I am using examples).

When a game like Heavy Rain comes, then they don't know what to do, because they should review the game for what it is; not for what it should have, or it doesn't have.

A single player game should be reviewed as a Single player game. Would it work with multiplayer? maybe yes, but it doesn't have it, so why review something that is not there?, and it is not the same as not working, because if a game should have something to work better, then is wrong.

The point is, reviewers should review games only for what they are and have. Shouldn't be compared to other games, unless is completely necessary, and only then, the system would work again, because you get an informative review of what you get when buying the game.
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Jackel2072  +   1971d ago
well it sounds like he enjoyed it!i look forward to playing it my self.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   1971d ago
||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

"groundbreaking" YES!!!...That is the PlayStation Brand and SONY!!! ;)
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spinbot_lv1  +   1971d ago
another AAA title only possible on ps3.xbox360 only owners that loved indigo prophecy (fahrenheit) are crying heavy tears

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Bill Gates  +   1971d ago

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prettyboy1  +   1971d ago
good reviews so far not that matters day1 regardless
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bujasem_89  +   1971d ago
lol at Xbots
the reviews keep rolling in and the bots well

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Nathan Drk  +   1971d ago
Ok seriously you deserve bubbles ROFL
bunfighterii  +   1971d ago
when's this game out?
bjornbear  +   1971d ago
Feb 23
Diamondwolf  +   1971d ago
Ray William?
Danteh  +   1971d ago
yeah he's doin' ur mom ;)
Diamondwolf  +   1970d ago
bubbles for you
knowing the reference!
The Maxx  +   1971d ago
Great score.
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Lirky  +   1971d ago
What if DLC includes like wardrobes free like you can go to the characters apartment anytime to change clothing. Like especially after showering from falling down hills *norman jayden*.
mfwahwah  +   1971d ago
I want a Batman costume.
etownone  +   1971d ago
This game definitely looks like it worth checking out.

I dont have a ps3, but after playing awesome games like LBP and GOW on my PSP, and seeing games like this and Uncharted ..... I'm really really considering getting one, especially since im in the market for a blu-ay player too.
AKS  +   1971d ago
The PSN is also a lot better than it's usually given credit for. The AAA games usually get lag-free, dedicated servers, and the downloadable stuff from the PixelJunk crew and WipEout HD are friggin' awesome.

Other things that are nice about the PS3 include incredible audio quality (only the best PC games can compare, and I've never heard anything better than Uncharted 2 at 7.1 LPCM from any game on any platform) and the ability to interface with all sorts of non-Sony equipment, such as laptop hard drives (2.5' SATA), Blootooth headsets, and flash drives.
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solidjun5  +   1971d ago
"I dont have a ps3, but..."
I knew you didn't but yet about 2 weeks ago you claim you did.

I recalled this because I knew you were full of it like that stealth troll who is a huge liar. Deadreckoning666.
This is what you wrote.

"and I along with many other ps3 gamers saw that intro to heavy rain a couple of days ago.... and were disappointed. So I can understand when a hardcore gamer would much rather choose Alan Wake over Heavy Rain."

Implication? you claim to have one. Right...liar.

Anyway on topic. I can't wait for this game. I'm a huge fan of indigo prophecy and because I lack time, I'll make time for this. I didn't download the demo because I didn't have to. I made my decision and I'm getting this.
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DaTruth  +   1971d ago
I love it when that happens!
solidjun5  +   1971d ago
me too.
lol. me too. ^_^
Lots of trolls claiming one thing when they are just full of it. lol
DJ  +   1971d ago
Played through the demo last night.
It was f-ing incredible. Just flatout amazing.
Ravage27  +   1971d ago
same here :)
i was expecting those graphics. And the gameplay turned out better than i expected
Heartbroken-Menace  +   1971d ago
Now where are all the xbox fans?
lol, pathetic.
Gimped Hardware  +   1971d ago
Poor droids - deperately clinging onto reviews of games that even they don't want to buy.
PS3 owners, grow a pair and play some ME2 on the xbox 360 - it's what gaming is all about.

Flopstation3 = full of fail
xbxo360 = full of gaming joy
dkgshiz  +   1971d ago
Who are you trying to kid?
You dont have a 360 or any console to be exact. Thats why your on here all day hating on the PS3. Get a life and a job.
Jack-Pyro  +   1971d ago
But dkgshiz, don't you know its incredibly hard for the mentaly retarded to become employed, they're not an equal opportunities bonanza like little people are.

XD, sorry, I couldn't resist, and Gimped, I'm just kidding.
onanie  +   1971d ago
You are just so sad, gimped.
Obama  +   1971d ago
It's thetruth. How many accounts does he have?
Cirran  +   1971d ago
It was awesome to go through the demo a few times and see how it turns out differently. Pressing no buttons during the fight scene is brutal ;x
AKS  +   1971d ago
My guess is that you'll see a lot more variety and consequences related to the choices or mistakes you make in the final game. They have to limit what they reveal about the plot in a demo because it's very much a story-driven game.
mfwahwah  +   1971d ago
You could always just not get in the fight. Lauren was a ***** to me, so I "didn't see anything" if you catch my drift.
jalen247  +   1971d ago
Excellent score.

I am sure I will be completely satisfied with this game.
redsquad  +   1971d ago
Oh, so they liked it then?
Seems the 360 zombies have yet another one to try and forget ever happened in order to keep their house of cards from collapsing.
foxxy  +   1971d ago
Get a ps3
We havent seen nothing it can do more
Justin_bristoe  +   1971d ago
wow 9.5..
uc2 watch yo back!! we got another defining moment on the ps3 coming!!

get the shotguns,i see box zombies dragging over the hills!!
ELite_Ghost  +   1971d ago
Gotta love the rain!
HINDERIZATION  +   1971d ago

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