Dengeki Magazine| Heavy Rain Review

Japanese magazine Dengeki gives Heavy Rain the fallowing score:


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Lirky3112d ago

If a game haves replay value , then most likely itll receive high scores. Also heavy rains graphics are standing out and its innovation gameplay as well.

Lucreto3112d ago

It has replay value as characters can die and effect the story. Also there will be dlc every week.

3112d ago
mushroomwig3112d ago

Well N4PS3G is a typical fanboy, taking pleasure by trying to annoy people.

nogolis3112d ago

Awesome scores for a AAA Ps3 game... Since Ps3 games aren't held to the same standards as xbox 360 games, 75's are like 9's and 85's are easily 10's.

Cyrax_873112d ago

I guess Uncharted 2 is really a 12/10 game?

nogolis3112d ago

Yes, yes it is... Actually, it's probably more than that to be honest. Uncharted 2 is more than just a game, it's almost perfection. No matter how you cut it, uncharted 2 came thru like no other game this gen has.

Cyrax_873112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So Uncharted 2's real score is literally...uncharted?

sack_boi3112d ago

Didn't Uncharted 2 score a 21/20 from a French Mag?

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thief3112d ago

Tried to translate the page using Babelfish
Seems like it lists 2 sets of scores
Electric shock (Dengeki??) : 75-85
Huami (Famitsu??) - 37/40

The writer also comments that:
"score of electric shock (Dengeki) is low. As expected…?! "

So probably Dengeki is the Japanese version of Edge!

Also looks like the Japanese PS3 owners are also looking forward to Heavy Rain!

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