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Gamekyo | Heavy Rain Review

Gamekyo: David Cage last work should not be seen as a competitive video game to film, but as a strong link between these two worlds, to gather them. (Heavy Rain , PS3) 8/10

LordMarius  +   1933d ago
Not in Metacritic Yipppeeee!!

but I still see this game landing around 85
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Winter47th  +   1933d ago
Gamekyo stick to "Top 10 videogame OST" topics plz.
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Corrwin  +   1933d ago
WTF are you talking about?
8/10 is a great score.

Why are you happy they're not in metacritic?
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ABizzel1  +   1933d ago
I knew Heavy Rain was going to get mixed reviews, (a lot of 9/10's and 8/10's with very few 7/10's and a 6/10 from those stupid sites.

And it's because it's a game that won't appeal to everyone, for mature gamers this game is on the top of there list, but for people who care about their online rank or kill to death ratio as if it were the determining factor of life, just won't get Heavy Rain.
raztad  +   1933d ago
Guys, lower your defences and get ready for mixed reviews. Game is quite controversial so I wouldnt expect it to reach critical universal acclaim.
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Karooo  +   1933d ago
what a crappy site
gamekyo wtf.
RamiHixxy  +   1933d ago
gamekyo lol ur right wahta site

churroe  +   1933d ago
the actual text is french,so convert from french to english for a easier read guys.
Major_Tom  +   1933d ago
If a pope shіts in the woods, does anyone hear it?

If it's not on metacritic, does it really matter?
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1933d ago
F__P <--- fill in the blank
Cyrax_87  +   1933d ago
Michael-Jackson  +   1933d ago
Flap your arms Jason and dance like a chicken?
Mo0eY  +   1933d ago
F_____________________________ ___P
For a perfect gaming experience, buy a Playstation.

If you want gimped games or a nuke, buy a 360.
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RROD Service_Rep  +   1933d ago
AngryTypingGuy  +   1932d ago
"FREAKING AMAZING GAME" -- Just confirmed, that's what they're calling the sequel to M.A.G....Freaking Amazing Game, or F.A.G. for short.
LtSkittles  +   1932d ago
mcnablejr  +   1933d ago
For a perfect movie experience, buy a playstation.

If you want to play games, buy a 360.

Eight out of ten.
prettyboy1  +   1933d ago
that was corny dude
wheres your own thoughts jus sad
mcnablejr  +   1933d ago
''that was corny dude''
yes, i know it was.
redneck_smith  +   1933d ago
kingdavid  +   1933d ago
Good score.

Youve gotta acknowledge this game is not gonna be everyone's cuppa.
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artsaber  +   1933d ago
Score is better than the 5/10 and 6/10s that are coming.
8/10s, 9/10s, 10/10s, whatever... after reading multiple reviews and playing the demo. I confirmed that this game is for me. It seems like more of the adult play, and it seems like it will consume your gameplay time. I don't intend on going back and forth between this and others, so I need to finish off ME2 and Bioshock2 pretty quick. Once I start HR, I may not take too many breaks from it... it seems to be immersive, and will probably grow on someone better if they are willing to allow and accept that openly.

If you plan on picking it up, I suggest keeping an open mind, and prepare to dedicate some time.
TrueStoryGuy  +   1933d ago
An 8/10 is a GOOD score
Why are there people saying that the game is failing? I suppose only fanboys think this way...
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1932d ago
8/10 isn't good enough for a life-altering experience.

Getting this day one. Not working. Not going to school. Not Facebooking. Not texting. The girlfriend can come over if she wants. Only SHE gets dibs on me before Heavy Rain.
dredgewalker  +   1932d ago
Damnit!! Just when its about to be released my PS3 broke down! I hope it gets fixed before Heavy Rain, GOW3 and Last Guardian comes out because im gonna be pissed if i miss out on these games. If the repair comes out expensive then its time i get a PS3 slim.

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