ACG: Dark Fall: Lost Souls Review

ACG writes: "The adventure game genre has a tradition of being able to present compelling stories with gripping atmosphere. The horror faction of the genre, however, has been littered with many "misses" and only few "hits". The "misses" assault you with cheap shocks and empty scares. You are taken aback for a few seconds at a sudden jolt, but then the experience is quickly forgotten. The "hits" immerse you into gloomy and dismal dispositions with little or no hope of escaping fully intact. Even if you survive to the end, the experience will still haunt you and give you the shivers just thinking about it. These are the games that you seldom forget. Dark Fall: Lost Souls, developed by Darkling Room and published by Iceberg Interactive, is an examplar of a game that falls squarely in the latter."

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