Examiner: Dante's Inferno review

Examiner: "Dante's Inferno stumbles in areas, but there's a whole lot to love from this dark and depressing action-packed title. Granted, the gameplay is too reminiscent of past hack-and-slash titles and can get a bit repetitive, and there's not a whole lot in the way of replay value. However, if you can ignore the fact that it's not entirely original in that particular department, prepare to be startled and awestruck by the developer's twisted interpretation of Hell. It's shocking without being tasteless, horrific without being excessive.

It's an incredibly raw, unsettling experience that few games have ever been daring enough to capture."

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tehk1w13232d ago

Hm...pick this up tomorrow or get Bioshock 2 or wait for God of War 3. Hm.....

GamersRUs3232d ago

Loved the demo. Def checking this out tomorrow.