14-Year-Old Breaks Foot On Wii Fit Balance Board

In a letter to the New England Medical Journal, Karen Eley of Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust details the case of a 14-year-old girl who fell off her Wii Fit Balance Board and fractured her foot.

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IanCube3170d ago

How do you do that? The thing is 2 inches off the ground...

-Alpha3170d ago

Well you don't have to be off a high place to break your foot.

Also, OMG People play Wii FIT??

indiemike3170d ago

I'm sure there's still some people first getting Wii Fit now. It's "evergreen," as they say.

Still, I can't imagine any scenario that results in a broken foot.

IanCube3170d ago

Wonder if someone pushed her during some crazy Wii Fit party or something.

lociefer3170d ago

words cannot decribe how stupid this is

CoffeewithChess3170d ago

IanCube this is a duplicate story that is originally days old, please remove it.

mikeslemonade3170d ago

Yay sue Nintendo they don't deserve the money! I've stopped buying Nintendo products a long time ago and so can you.

1800GETOWNED3170d ago

your a contributor you have the power to report the story as a do it and then shut up about it.

Lemmiwinks3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

somebody please think of the children. save the waste of a 100 bucks get ur daughter a tread mill or running shoes and tell her to jog like normal people or put your kids in sports. or get a gym pass wii fit is a joke and everyone who uses it are wasting your time and obviuosly not that interested in getting fit....ohhh and on topic this article is sad are the flamebait articles that slow today..wheres gaming bolt and ign when you need them....moving along

edit its a duplicate ehhh so theres really two contributers on this site that actually think this is gaming news wowww this site is going downhill faster than i thought.....

FACTUAL evidence3169d ago

See, if something "tragic" happens on a video game then people thinks it's game's fault, But oh boooy, no one would have got mad at stairs if the boy tripped and broke his foot on it.

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IanCube3170d ago

Who here actually know's someone (or is someone) that has gotten hurt playing Wii?

I always see stories, see YouTube videos, but have yet to actually know anyone...maybe all my friends are just too coordinated.

Theonik3170d ago

Don't know anyone that got hurt playing the wii but i have seen some pretty nasty wii accidents. Most of them have to do with objects such as ceiling lamps etc.

Darkspade3170d ago

She is so far my Hardcore Gamer of the year

IanCube3170d ago

She gets my vote too.

I can't wait to see what happens when Natal comes out.

Ninji3170d ago

What was she doing out of the kitchen?

Chnswdchldrn3170d ago


naw jk, but im surprised there is no talk of one in the article

IanCube3170d ago

Well I think the article was more focused purely on medical issues and injuries, but good point.

I wonder how much a great lawyer could get out of Nintendo for this?

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The story is too old to be commented.