Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Hands-On - Espionage, Corporations, and More

GameSpot takes a look at some of the major new gameplay additions in the second expansion pack for the epic turn-based strategy game.

Basically, there are whole new layers added to the game that bulk up espionage, diplomacy, and the space race to settle Alpha Centauri, the neighboring star closest to Earth. At first, all this added complexity seems at odds with Civ IV's design philosophy, which was to ditch a lot of the technical clutter to make the game easier to play and more accessible. However, many of these changes affect the latter half of the epic game, which felt a bit rushed in Civ IV. With the changes in Beyond the Sword, the latter half of the epic game is given a lot more importance.

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CrazzyMan4194d ago

just wanted to replay Civ4, now will have able to do that with a new content. :)
sweet. =]