Dante's Inferno demo downloaded 3 million times

EA COO John Schappert just said that the Dante's Inferno demo has been downloaded over 3 million times.

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mrv3213202d ago

I am one of them. The demo is awsome. I adore the surrounding and the red and brown ACTUALLY makes sense.

Jamie Foxx3202d ago

From animation to the way he replenishes health everything screams 'poor mans gow' I just can't see this selling much on ps3

darthv723202d ago

I too am one of those 3mil people. I had to though. In order to compare the game on both 360 and ps3. All I need now is a psp demo. Poor mans god of war...somewhat, but still entertaining from a generic hack/slash sort of way.

While I will be getting the true GoW game for PS3...I have to throw the nod to DI on the PSP because I been looking for something since I beat chains 3 times already.

nix3202d ago

well... you just played the best part of DI. after the beginning, it goes down hill.

swiftshot933202d ago

Wow. Thats amazing for a new IP. Guess that Super Bowl ad paid off. EA is such a beast when it comes to marketing.

huflungpu903202d ago

i really liked the demo then i played the god of war 3 demo --------- Dante's Inferno = god of war 3 rip off and no im not a ps3 fan boy i enjoy many games on my 360 gears of war to name one

PimplePopperMD3202d ago

Dantes Inferno is not good.

God of War is also not good. That franchise should have ended with Jaffe. Sony really knows how to beat that horse.

mrmikew20183202d ago

Did you play the final version of Dante's Inferno yet? Or just the demo? It's pretty ignorant to judge a game base off other people's opinions. Also, your logic on God of War is all wrong. Titles like Mario and Halo are beating a dead horse.

Michael-Jackson3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

"God of War is also not good" Really??? you mad.

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