Possible Guitar Hero 3 prices revealed, Wii fans somewhat less gouged

If EBGames is to be believed, the prices for Guitar Hero III have been released, and they're all too expensive. The Wii version has the lowest high price, at only $90. The PS3 and 360 versions have the de facto $10 Next Gen tax applied to them, making them $100 each.

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Diselage4191d ago

So is there a HD tax on this of 10 bucks or what?

Mr_Kuwabara4191d ago

Although this is GH so I really don't give a damn about graphics.

ChickeyCantor4191d ago

i think its the wiimote.....less hardware in the guitar because you can attach it to your wii mote and make it functional?
dont really know.

unsunghero284191d ago

It's not the only multiplatform game to be less on Wii. It's just the tax on 360 and PS3 games because they cost more money to develop for.

Diselage4191d ago

Exactly it's not like GH is the most graphically challenging game out there unless they are doing a major redesign.

iNcRiMiNaTi4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

i already have 2 guitars and the only way ill pay for another $100 guitar is for that rock band game's stratocast

Mr_Kuwabara4191d ago

But I'm not too sure for GH3. I guess they obligate the consumer to buy it for them to gain more profit.

Yeah I know lame. (Not to sure if they'll do it though)

DrPirate4191d ago

I want to do this as well.

I want to get the Stracaster guitar for Rock Band's Guitar element and use that same guitar on Guitar Hero 1,2(BC), and 3.

Hell if I could do that, I'll even buy 2 stratocasters.

Diselage4191d ago

Didn't they say something about Wireless guitar standard? Perhaps thats the reason for the jump.

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