Free Wii Controller Pro with Monster Hunter Tri Pre-Order is taking pre-orders for Monster Hunter Tri Bundle for Nintendo Wii, which includes Monster Hunter 3 video game and Wii Classic Controller Pro. Enter all eligible coupons and the price for the whole bundle drops to less than $48. With free shipping, that is like getting extra controller absolutely for free.

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JosiahB3227d ago

Wow...looks like I'm pre ordering it soon...

qface643227d ago

wow that's a deal im gonna pre order this baby first chance i get

LoaMcLoa3227d ago

Man, I will absoloutly buy this.. Well, if the online is free

Sigh3227d ago

loving that controller. This is on my to buy list now.

Myst3227d ago

Already have mine pre-ordered and probably going to finish it soon. Definitely can't wait for this game to come out, I really want to fight those new monsters :)

Shnazzyone3227d ago

Now THAT is a pre-order bonus! More offers like that are exactly what all preorders should offer. That pro controller is awesome to boot!

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