The worst games money can buy - XBOX 360

Sometimes you wonder how on God's green earth did someone not speak up during development and say " Guys, this game is poo". When it got to testing the quality control guy must have been drunk. Either way here is part one of Gamedot's series of worst games ever made. In part one we start with the current generation of hardware and look at some of the Xbox 360's stinkers. For consistancy we have referred to Metacritic to illustrate how bad everyone thought these games were....

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Cajun Chicken2869d ago

Pandemic didn't make Destroy All Humans; Path of the Furon, they were bought by EA by then.

Redlogic2869d ago

that poo looks awfully dried out. probably hurt on the way out.

A Cupcake for Gabe2869d ago

looks they rolled a strip of cookie dough and baked it. I think I'll make some turd cookies next time I have guests over.

NateNater2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Its Metacritic score is a 25 on Xbox360 and and a 17 on PS3.

What kind of being allowed the creation of such a beast?

TheDeadMetalhead2869d ago

The same company that made Worms make BOB. @[email protected]

thisguywithhair2868d ago

Beat ROGUE WARRIOR in about 2.5 hours. Got most of the single player trophies in one playthrough, and couldn't even sign on to the multiplayer. Had it in my hands (rental) for less than 24 hours and they wouldn't let me exchange for something else because, apparently, even though I beat it in so short a time it could take someone else a week to beat it. This guy must have been a developer of the game to agree with logic like that.

BeaArthur2869d ago

I know it was cheap (only $20 new) but I would put Earth Defense Froce on that list. That game was a giant turd and not even worth 1/3 of that a standard game costs.

GiantEnemyCrab2869d ago

I love EDF2017!!! I am actually hoping for a sequel.. Yes, it was not that pretty but the game is very fun.

Gen0ne2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

EDF was great.

ThanatosDMC2868d ago

Did you play the game? It was awesome! One of the best games i've ever played.

BeaArthur2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

You guys must be easy to please because that game was horrible. The gameplay was horribley repetitive. It felt more like an Xbox Live arcade game. And yes I did play the game but not for very long because I couldn't stand it for more than about an hour.

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-MD-2869d ago

Why would anybody play any of those games?

darthv722869d ago

Takes allot to play crappy games just to get a higher gamerscore.

TheDeadMetalhead2869d ago

I got all the achievements on Shellshock 2. /shame

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