Ubisoft: Big Announcement on Xbox LIVE

SCRAWL: "Late last week, Ubisoft teased a "BIG" reveal to come this week. I speculated it has something to do with Microsoft's X10 event being held on Thursday, and with a new tweet from Ubisoft community developer Kimi Matsuzaki, it looks like my speculations may be correct."

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Bungie3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

"I speculated it has something to do with Microsoft's X10 event being held on Thursday"

interesting , maybe new game or S vs M for Splinter Cell Conviction

EDIT: i wouldn't call a demo "Big Announcement" ,hmm

DelbertGrady3115d ago

I think it's a demo announcement. SC: Conviction demo to be released on XBL during X10. I hope it's multiplayer :)

sack_boi3115d ago

I agree with Soda, it's probably just a Splinter Cell demo.

Blaze9293115d ago

Please be a new Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six game :D.

I wouldn't mind a conviction demo but that's not really big nor an announcement since we know one is coming already

Bnet3433115d ago

I too think it will be a SC:C demo. If not, a new Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon.

peeps3115d ago

well arn't red storm involved in this announcement? pointing towards a new ghost recon... i mean we know it's coming at some point.

perhaps got it exclusive (or timed) for 360, or of course could have just got a deal to announce it at ms's thing etc

beans3115d ago

I just hope it's something exclusive and worth the attention. Does anybody know what time X10 starts on Thursday?

SilentNegotiator3115d ago

I would. I want to play a demo of it.

Freak of Nature3115d ago

For me in a "perfect World" it would be a duel announcement of "Beyond good and evil 2" actually in full production & a new "Rayman 4".....Just dreaming I know....

sack_boi3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Or maybe it's Imagine Babyz XBL Edition.

StanLee3115d ago

If it's a multiplatform announcement, why do it on XBox Live? Stuff like that encourages fanboyism because you're excluding a who community.

Blaze9293115d ago

Capcom did the same thing with Lost Planet 2. But for all we know it could be a Microsoft exclusive game which is why it's being unveiled through Xbox LIVE. No one said anything about multi-plat

ape0073115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

definitely agree a new ghost recon will get me sold

also I want a SC:C demo

want both

I guess im greedy xD

TROLL EATER3115d ago

LOL microsoft dnt even need E3. make there own event

captain-obvious3115d ago

i think its those NATAL games

cliffbo3115d ago

its probsbly RAVING RABIDS

Traveler3115d ago

I'm looking forward to the X10 event. It will be interesting to see what is shown.

ReservoirDog3163115d ago

Oh I'd really really love a new Rainbow 6 game. I really really really hope it's a new Rainbow 6 game.

SL1M DADDY3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

As much as I liked the last installment of Vegas, it just was not the best in the series. I would love to see them come out with a new one that polishes off the series and makes good on the new tech coming.

The Happy Baby3114d ago

which should not be a "big" announcement to get all secretive over.
they need to work on their hype. lol

STICKzophrenic3114d ago

On there's a trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier!

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BeaArthur3115d ago

Yeah I said that last week and I'm pretty sure that is what it's going to be.

The Happy Baby3114d ago

that would be sooo badass. i love those games.
GR:AW2 is a sh*t-ton of fun.

Monkey5213114d ago

The announcement was for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier coming in 2010. For PS3, xbox360, and PC.

Omega43115d ago

Looks like X10 could be E3 coming early.

Both Ubisoft and Epic seem to be about announcing something big soon and X10 will be the perfect place if they are 360 related.

ape0073115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Im so excited for 1 particular game

that game is....Perfect Dark XBLA

I heard that they will show live game footage for the game, WoOoOw

man oh man

can't wait

Mo0eY3115d ago

I'll call it:

They are going to announce Splinter Cell: Extreme Conviction HD for the PS3 on Xbox Live. I can't wait to drink those tears.

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