Warhammer Online: Night Of Murder Announced

Mythic Entertainment has announced an upcoming in-game event, Night of Murder, for its MMO Warhammer Online.

Players can take part in quests and daily tome tasks in order to obtain special rewards. These include a well-mounted skull, which places a pike next to a fallen foe with their head atop it.

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Maticus2868d ago

I suppose this is the WAR version of Valentine's day lol, typical :D

Malfurion2868d ago

Well you can't really imagine WAR characters running around cities decorated with hearts now, can you? :P

Leord2868d ago

I think it's awesome. Taking the piss of WoW and others :)

moondragon2868d ago

hehe Valentines day is bloody in warhammer universe.

Cogo2868d ago

Hehe, brilliant! Especially for people who obviously does not have gf ;)

Just kidding! :P

(Yes, I do like WAR!)

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Fyzzu2868d ago

Good stuff! Love events like this :) A lovely Valentine's Day treat, that.

Leord2868d ago

God, I so hope WAR will do well tbh.

Dead_Cell2868d ago

The Night of Murder is a date of the Dark Elf calender.
The Witch Elves spread out looking for entrances to homes, kidnap families and sacrifice them to the god of murder, Khaine.