European FF13 box says no to Downloadable Content

Last week reports overran the web that the back of the US Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 box had been posted online and had a box stating the game would support "Content Downloads" - but now the European box is in disagreement.

The European box makes no mention of the Downloadable Content and has a nice little blank space where the box appeared on the US box.

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Rob Rymond3084d ago

With the review scores the way they are they could benefit from DLC!

AP3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Give me the whole game on one disc please. Or three discs, as the case may be!

sony1973084d ago

doesnt need dlc. glad its looking less likely

AP3084d ago

Agree 100%... FFs should be an enclosed story.

borisfett3082d ago

Really wish they'd make their minds up about this. It's just getting silly at this point.