Halo 3 Marketing Images

IGN has posted a host of artwork thats inspired by Halo 3. Halo 3 alternate reality game has been in full swing in recent weeks in anticipation of Halo 3's release on September 25.

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Diselage3924d ago

I'm going to save a few of these to my computer and probably use them as backgrounds on my comp or my 360.

kingofps33924d ago

Im taking all of it. Yup, I got a crazy collection of gaming related images. Some 5000-6000 plus of them.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3923d ago

LOL I have a huge collection myself, about 6 gigs of pics and about 25-30gigs of "game" video that I stream to my 360 (not counting tv SHOWS)

Sangheili853924d ago

Their not ARG pictures their from the HALO Zune. Those are Marketing Pictures. It also comes with Story Boards, Halo Paintings, Halo Graphic Novel Pictures, Halo Concept Art, Halo Brand Imagery. Their exclusive zune pictures. They have nothing to do with the ARG!

Diselage3924d ago

Either way there are some pretty cool halo art work in there.

kornbeaner3923d ago

The pictures are cool, but most don't really look up to par for a game of the size. The 8th and 10th picture on page one looked like the best choice for a game the rest looked like poster and Comicbook type art.

Diselage3923d ago

Well they're not screenshots, they artwork.

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