Playstation Eye/Eye of Judgment Preview

This summer, Sony has a few tricks hidden in their USB slots to prove to gamer's world wide that Nintendo aren't the only ones around with intuitive ways to play video games.
Along with the latest instalment of Singstar, Sony is also preparing the second wave of eye toy, now known as the Playstation Eye.

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SimmoUK4107d ago

I really can't wait until E3 when more will be shown of what it is actually capable of, plus software that has been in the works for a long time...

kspraydad4107d ago

and a very shallow review.

Violater4107d ago

Its a PREVIEW not a Review.
Like my friend Simmo says Wait till more is shown, Was the Eyetoy a Gimmick?

kspraydad4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

I'll 'lean' to read as you say. Why don't you 'lean' to type?

Very shallow new information.

Does that make you feel better?

I'm looking forward to the PLAYSTATION Eye (see..I know what the spelling really is) but this PREVIEW is lame in my opinion. You are welcome to yours.

progx4107d ago

Im pretty sure it was Kaz Hirai at E3, then started showin this stuff? LOL

IBLEEDBLU4107d ago

for the simple fact that soon well have video to video chat in-game as shown back at E3.

its only a matter of time they get the firmware update that will allow that - so ill be grabbing this around the sametime that feature is set to come out.

Shaka2K64107d ago

This is what a call innovation and it works with hot graphics too.
Sony the best of both worlds, love it!

CrazzyMan4106d ago

i think, you will have to wait atleast 3 weeks(E3 2k7), till they will convert to sony positive guys, or even more(6 month till the price cut, when they will be able to afford PS3), because this site is full of microboys...

but every sony positvie guy good give a bubble to otger guys, and atleast somehow to support each other. :)
well, i gave you one. =]

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