Jaffe Forming Studio with Head of Incognito

David Jaffe is no longer a part of the internal workings at Sony Computer Entertainment America. 1UP confirmed with multiple sources that Jaffe is currently working with Incognito Entertainment head Scott Campbell on the formation of a new studio to be based out of Utah.

When asked, SCEA would not comment on the so far unannounced change. "We have made no announcements regarding any change in David Jaffe's relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment," said a company spokesperson. Jaffe himself also has not yet responded to repeated requests for comment, since he started teasing the new studio on his personal blog.

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Diselage4164d ago

Looks like there may be a new studio with a bright future ahead of it.

kingofps34164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

The different genre of new gaming possibilities that could arise from this rumor is very interesting to see unfold. Hopefully, Jaffe and Scott Campbell would continue to support and be a part of the PlayStation family. Anyways, all of the original IPs which Jaffe help create are Sony's so, I’m not too worried at this move all that much.

God of War is Sony's property. No worries there. Yeah, Jaffe has reasons to be kinda off with Sony. I seriously doubt that Jaffe is gonna jump ship and sail with Microsoft or even Nintendo.

Diselage4164d ago

Don't forget God of War, I don't know this whole situation with him and sony is kinda weird, he may be turning to enemy soon.

Xi4164d ago

the rumblings that Sony might be dropping incognito after warhawk.

Diselage4164d ago

Sounds like the makings of a lot of bad blood, could set up a steal for Microsoft or even more unlikely Nintendo.

Shaka2K64164d ago

Incognito the ones reponsible for Twisted Metal no matter what he does any game that he makes its gonna be PS3 exclusive power to the people.

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The story is too old to be commented.