Daily Joypad: Monster Hunter Tri Hands-On

Monster Hunter is a huge franchise in Japan, in fact Monster Hunter Tri became the highest selling third-party game on the Wii in that region. Ever since the franchise first came into existence on the PS2 back in 2005 it has always had a bit of a cult following. But it has never managed to take off and sell as well here in the west as it has managed to do in Japan.

Having said that, the franchise getting more popular, and so now CAPCOM have decided to bring Monster Hunter Tri to the UK with all new features unique to this new version.

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EvilTwin3203d ago

"Monster Hunter Tri is certainly an impressive and unique experience on the Wii. The only thing that confuses me slightly is why CAPCOM decided to make the game a Wii exclusive title."

Google is your friend.

"'Due to high development cost of titles for PS3, we have decided to switch the platform to which we release our Monster Hunster 3 title,' Capcom managing corporate officer Katsuhiko Ichii said."

tunaks13203d ago

hey i've got a question,
im going to buy MH3, and i already have a classic controller, do you think its worth getting Wii Speak?
The only reason I'm asking is because a majority of online games on the Wii dont use it.

JosiahB3203d ago

IMO you should...It will make online hunting much more coordinated...But of coarse you'll have to deal with idiots...But still if you make some friends on forums you should have no problems...

tunaks13203d ago

thanks for the advice. I guess i'll get Wii Speak

na-no-nai3203d ago

im getting this game too ^_^