Comprehensive WARHAWK Beta Review/Strategy Guide (exclusive images)

The most comprehensive Warhawk Beta Review and a Strategy Guide (with EXCLUSIVE images). It's a 4-page Warhawk Week feature at Gaming Target (PS1 reveiw and Top 10 Improvements Needed are the other two updates) with more to come.

Please remember it's 4 features so far and the link leads to the Warhawk Beta reveiw. Hit the Tuesday link to see the Stratgey Guide with images

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SwiderMan4169d ago

Without a doubt, I find it to be better than Resistance's multiplayer, so it may be the best game. It's just without a single player mode.

Does the lack of single-player put you off, though?

Zidandy4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

Too right it'll be better than Resistance multiplayer! But it's lack of a single player mode does let it down in my opinion. However, i find that single player modes can only keep you entertained for so long, after which they just become boring - and more often than not games are given good ratings for their online and multiplayer aspects, and as we all know, Warhawk will most definately be a great online game! I'm looking forward to many hours of entertainment from it.

warfed4169d ago

the fact that you can fly and drive tanks is awesome but the ground battle sucks compared to resistance, 2 guys running in a circle just shooting blindly takes like 4 mags to get a guy down...

SwiderMan4169d ago

It's true that the ground gameplay isn't as good as Resistance, but you're taking a whole game (Resistance) and comparing it to sliver of a game (Warhawk). It's never ground units-only, so you have to factors tanks, jeeps and Warhawks at the same time and that's why it's better: it's dynamic.

crck4169d ago

So I wouldnt worry about it too much. They realized that the pistol was a superior weapon to the rifle and will be balancing them.

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Kleptic4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

Yeah I just got into the beta last night...and this so far has been the most fun I have had online on a console...The CTF is extremely fun because of how easy it is to see each sides bases (there is a huge tower of light shining from each flag postion...does tons on big maps to let you know where you need to go) resistance CTF never works very well because its so hard to find the flag...Even once you learn the maps you get the hang of it, but all the newer guys haven't every game is a mix of 3 guys knowing where they are going, and about 30 who don' warhawk though, its obvious to both sides where they need to go...always...

only complaint though is the Warhawk's MG...its next to worthless on ground targets...the rate of fire is intense, but it simply doesn't do a lot of damage...a human can sit there and take about 5 seconds of straight fire...hopefully that is something that gets fixed for the final release...they seemed to have fixed the freezing thing somewhat too, as it doesn't crash nearly as much as people were saying earlier in the beta...

but the sound in this game is the absolute greatest of any video game ever made...the effects themselves, and the surround imaging...7.1 uncompressed with doppler imaging is unbelievable...makes the TrueHD reciever worth the purchase...

icechai4169d ago

I think the MG on the Warhawk is balanced so its not overkill for the ground targets. If it was stronger, people couldn't even go on ground at all before dying. As it is, the only truly useful weapons against ground targets are the guided missle, lightning, homing missles, and cluster bombs, although every bit of damage helps, so go in with MG blazing :)

Zidandy4169d ago

May i compliment your choice of avatar? Quite honestly that pig ownz so much it may be the greatest thing i have seen on this website.

aaquib24169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

The beta is freaking amazing. I've NEVER been so addicted to any game in my life(OK runescape was close). DAM, it's sooo much fun. I bought Shadowrun and it was fun, but for $60 and multiplayer only it's expensive and not comparable to Warhawk(they are different games). This is $60 with a free jabra bluetooth headset, or downloadable from the PS Store for about $30. If Socom and Killzone 2 suck, this is the PS3 FPS of the year. Halo 3 will probably sell more copies than killzone 2, Socom, and Warhawk combined, but it's pretty much hype. Belive me. It's fun as hell, and the graphics are OK compared to other XBOX 360 games, but a year old GOW looks better and Warhawk is wayy more fun.

SwiderMan4169d ago

Jabra headset? Do they know it's that one for sure? Is there a link to a picture of it or anything?

aaquib24169d ago

it says:

Warhawk is playable online only.

The Warhawk Bundle includes bonus HD videos of Warhawk trailers, behind the scenes video and trailers for upcoming product. Also includes a Jabra BT125 brand bluetooth headset. Headset includes USB cable and quickstart guide.

all for $60 =-)

SwiderMan4169d ago

Thank you for the link. I didn't read that page because I saw that there was no boxart and I figured they had nothing on it. A picture of the model is at Looks real nice.

Newmanator4168d ago

Got the beta yesterday, WARHAWK IS HALO 3 ON STEROIDS! Its soo much better (I played the beta frequently), 35 player online anyone? :):)