Blu-ray takes five-to-one lead

Recently we've all been hearing about Sony's resolution to ship more Blu-ray players in the US, and Blockbuster's decision to give it their full support, but we haven't really seen the consequences of these actions...until now. According to the research firm Digital Entertainment Group, HD-DVD is unable to keep up with the Blu-ray sales figures, which currently hold a five to one lead.

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NextGen24Gamer4195d ago

Blu ray movies have been outselling HD dvd movies. Mostly due to the lack of releases Jan, Feb, March, April....Blu ray movies flooded the market after the release of the Ps3. But the last two months have told a different story. May and June is when HD dvd movie releases picked back up. All this really means little in the bigger picture. Both blu ray and HD dvd in regards to movie sales "TOTAL". Not just this year but total about equal. Both a tad over 1 million sold total movies. Thats a drop in the bucket if you look at there are standard Dvd movies that sell 1 million alone in one week upon release.

Once again...If there will be "ONE" winner of the format will be the camp that can get their stand alone player down to 200 dollars. Thats when the "masses" of consumers will think about choosing a next gen format. Video game game console sales "will not" impact ultimately in the end. Its the averages Joe's that have to adopt the format in order for it to be the winner. The guys and gals who don't play video games. Many of you do realize that there are Billions of consumers who don't play video games right? Ps2 was so successful not only because of its previous success with the ps1...but also because it went with the emerging Dvd format. Sony chose a format that was at that time already winning the format war....and in return offered a cheap solution for consumers with the ps2. It was a win win situation for Sony. Now Sony is going up against the same DVD forum that helped get them the success that enjoyed with the ps2. Now you look at Blu ray. Its not the cheapest option...and there isn't a quality difference that "average" consumers can see. A matter of fact....Most HD dvd releases look better than the Blu ray releases when compared head to head on many sites. I realize that mostly has to do with the compression techniques...but its still a factor that consumers see. The movie prices are about the same and at walmart you can get both blu ray and HD dvd movies for 19.88 to 24.88. Sure the Combo format HD dvd's are about 5 dollars more than the BLu ray movies...But thats only due to the fact that those movies have both the Standard Dvd version and the HD dvd version. Which is smart when you think about it. When I watch an HD dvd movie on my 1080p tv...then my son wants to watch it upstairs in his room with his friends...I flip the HD dvd and "BAM" he can watch it on his regular Dvd player. Its a neat little convenience. Then you add the "IN MOVIE" experience that HD dvd offers and "U CONTROL"...and it adds so much value to the HD dvd's. Unless you have experience really have no idea.

With all that said. I'm not prediecting which will win. I currently own both HD dvd's and Blu ray. I enjoy them both. Its anyones guess which will win if either will....But I still stand by the statement that I believe the first player to get down to under 200 will most likely win in the end.

TaylorB4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

I disagree, and I'll tell you why.

First, DVD sales are inconsequential to HD-DVD or Blu-Ray format sales. 1% or 2% of total movie sales, it doesn't matter. Early adopters of varying degrees will continue to drive sales up and at a certain point the demand will shift toward the mainstream market after production cost has gone down, awareness has gone up and content has increased. This is the case for most new technology.

Second, the concept that the format with the lowest price player, or first to reach $200 is fundamentally flawed. What if there was a $200 player that only played one movie? Would it sell? No, absolutely not. Price isn't what matters, VALUE matters. Value drives sales. Price can determine the availablity of that value to a wide range of individuals.

Thirdly, the average consumer doesn't dictate future technology. Typically, Early adopters of different degrees do. By the time the average consumer picks up new technology the standard has already been set. Of course, that's not to say that the average consumer doesn't make a product or technology succesful. Technology often isn't financially successful until it's readily accepted by the masses.

Fourth, both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD use the VC codec. The quality is the same because the compression is the same, and because neither format has yet to break any restrictions on their storage capacity. You won't likely see any quality differences unless an HD film exceeds 30gb or until either side can secure an exclusive codec with a higher quality than what's standard.

Ultimately, I feel that Blu-Ray will become the dominate format. The players are currently more expensive, correct, but Blu-Ray players carry more value. More content, more exclusive studios. Now that BD+ has been finalized, you can expect much more new releases on Blu-Ray. Copyright protection is one of the most important things to studios and media providers. It wasn't prevalent a decade ago like it is today, and the decision to add an additional layer of protection is likely the key to future studio support, i.e. more content in the future.

There's more value to Blu-Ray currently, and that's unlikely to change at the pace both formats are running.

harpua4195d ago

brevity people, no more enclyclopedia posts please...

ArduousAndy4195d ago

First and foremost it is the players price that will determine peoples purchase. Look at Hd-dvd even though its losing as far as disc sales are concerned it is still selling the hardware simply because of promotions and sales. If Hd-dvd got the player down people would buy it.

However what drives people to purchase is not only price but whats available. If a movie you really want is available for blu-ray only your going to goto towards blu-ray. its as simple as that. People will buy what they want and afford.

kewlkat0074195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

you see somebody disagrees, but lay it out thoughtfully, while seeing both sides of the fiasco, we have had with the format war. Even though I agree with some things from both post. I rather rebuttal these types of comments. Anyhow...

*I disagree with your SECOND paragraph "Taylor".

1. Only because, we have seen it over and over with new technology. Something might come out and be light years ahead as far as what it is capable of, and if Consumers are not ready to jump in, then that product/service can be very risky for the makers.

2. Products that seem to perform the best, are sometimes the more cheaper alternatives, that the masses can afford early-on. I notice, when certain products carry this high status as a luxury item, it can either be accepted by the masses or disregarded if they feel like another competitive product is able to give somewhat the same satisfaction.

3. Case in point, the most expensive Items, and the most powerful Hardware, sometimes, never materialize or mature because, the makers of the product can skew the audience, they might be focusing on , while leaving the masses(which I think can make or break a product) with an open mind to look at other alternatives that they can afford. The more that can afford the product early on, the faster the product/service is adopted, and probably the quicker you will see other companies trying to cash in with competitive offerings.

4. Why do you think the average man will never drive a Lamborgini, or a porche and other expensive cars that are the best as far as specs and Hardware is concerned? When a product becomes so expensive and boasts some of the greatest and bestest hardware, it usually become a niche product..ala "only certain people can ever have it". Since most of the world is not wealthy, that product does not become mainstream, at least available for the average masses to afford.

***************************** ****************************** * *************************
-Example 1:
When I go shopping for the car besides the little options and such, the first thing that comes to mind is, price. NOT 0-60 times, and other EGO charateristics of Super Expensive cars.

-Example 2:
When consumers go to WALMART, what do you think is on their minds, as opposed to going to TARGET or SEARS? Yes them Price-Cuts..

-Example 3:
3D0 was $700- never really took off
Jaguar was very powerful for the times- never really took off

Now, why was I still playing my SNES, when I knew them systems blasted my console in the Hardware department? well I could afford an SNES and I was satisfied with the games without them having to be 64-bits.
***************************** ****************************** * *************************

5. A product that has a great Market-Price, and yet offers the needs, neccessitites and satisfaction on the users part, is a product that can take off like "wild fire". Price means a lot to consumers, just as competition.(imagine if there wasn't?) I mean I know I can never drive a Lamborgini, but I can afford a Toyota Sedan. It might now be the best when it comes to specs as the lamborgini but if it suffice my needs/price, then thats all that is important to me.

6. Now granted HD-DVD is much cheaper to product, as far as the manufacturing process, it has always been the cheaper HD player, becasue of that. HD-DVD just never had the support. I'm not going to say it's dead but the support is just not there. If the support was split between the two and having the HD-DVD player(with the cheaper price on its side) who knows?

7. Anyhow, My point is, price matters very much for the average consumer and the masses. Not so much for rich/wealthy people but if your going to make a product that you want to be adopted by the masses, you don't only look at the people with money. Prices eventually come down, but without competition it would take so much much longer.

TheExecutive4195d ago

well... all good arguments, however, hd-dvd did have a year head start... if sales are about equal than bluray is beating out hd-dvd. Early adopters and price cuts determine format wars. Retailers determine format wars. People will come in and ask "what should I get?" Whatever the corporations tell their employees will have a determining factor in who wins what.

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power of Green 4195d ago

Nonsense its like counting every 360 as an HD-DVD player sale because the 360's able to play HD-DVD now picture the actual HD-dvd users on the 360 vs the people that don't have the add-on and thats a better method of the realality than saying they own a PS3 so they must be buying Blu-ray movies. Blu-ray Software sales are not blowing HD-DVD away 100k more, ouhhh.

PS3 will be moot when the mass market starts buying standalones just how long will the PS3 pull Blu-rays weight when it doesn't even sell that well and is twice the amount of players the none gaming; much bigger movie consumers base is.

Boink4195d ago

you can tell it was done for a ps3 fanboy site.

they assume that every ps3 bought means that those people are using it to buy and watch blu-ray movies. but based on the actual movies sales(from the same article) they clearly are not.

SaturnTo4195d ago

I bought a PS3 I had no intention to buy Blu-Ray movies DVD was fine, then I got a HDTV. That changed everything. After watching a blue ray movie the DVD format became history, I only Buy Blu-Ray now. Now I see just how great a deal the PS3 is. And I don't have to spend a dime on any stand alone player. I think this same experience will be repeated by many PS3 owners. And that will be one of the reasons why Blu-Ray will win.

Boink4195d ago

unfortunately for sony and the bluray folks, you are not the average buyer.

most of the blu ray players out there, are ps3's, which may be great for bluray in the long run, but not so much right now. the majority of the people who bought a ps3, bought it for games, not movies.

where as everyone who bought the standalone HDDVD players, bought them for movies.

bottom line:

anyone who thinks this format war is done, is an idiot.

second bottom line:

anyone who thinks either will win, and not be killed by digital distribution is even dumber. digital is killing both formats. discs are dead...move on.

Shadow Flare4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

HD-DVD has a familiar name to it! P,People know what a dvd is aaand they know what HD is! They don't know what a bluray is! HD-DVD will win hahaha!!!"

-Roll foward time to current day-

Yeah...bluray is pretty much destroying HD-DVD

sorry xbox zealots

power of Green 4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

One more thing to add to my post above. Yes the PS3 comes with a BR player built in with added cost but the people buying movies have the equipment to take advantage of the tech same goes for 360 owners the people that buy the 360/hd/player have the equipmant to use the tech this might give some a better idea on the use of non gaming features amoung all consumers.

No (((((DrWan))))) its whatever i wan't it to be; Blu-ray(BR) Blu-ray players. BD players oh well who gives a fu*k. I'll never call BR players Blu-ray Disc Players how do you like that! LOL. Most PS3 owners have HD-Tvs sure buddy.

The same could be said about buying a console for the HD capabilities with gaming perks on both sides many won't be tech trolls knowing PS3 is(supposedly) the best BR player or you should go with a stand alone if you want more features on HD-DVD(if you care).

(((((((Here is the new VF5 Eyes-on incase anybody missed it somebody got rid of the news post seems a bit fishy considering what is posted to bash the 360.

VF5 Hands On: It exists and it is beautiful!.


DrWan4195d ago

It's BD, not BR, no one knew was DVD was when there was only CD and VCD, then there was DVD, now there is BD. IT will catch on, simply because more studio support it. When you fan boys going to give up, how the hell do you know PS3 players don't buy BD? And why not? Most PS3 owners own HD TV, most will buy BD.

harpua4195d ago


blu-ray > hd-dvd end of thread.

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