Half-Minute Hero Is Teaming Up With One Life Left

resumeplay writes: "Rising Star Games, the makers of Half-Minute Hero has announced today 'Half-Minute HerOLLs.' This is a four-part audio experiment that is set out to create the world's fastest gaming news"

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stoppre2992d ago

I have heard a lot of good things about this game. I am very interested in this collaboration

mau642992d ago

The game itself is fun and actually good for quick bursts of gaming, especially on the go since you can just shut it and "save state"

brandynevils2992d ago

What a crazy concept, Not sure how they can cover many gaming news stories in only 30 seconds though.

mau642992d ago

Yeah, who doesn't have 30 seconds to spare to give this a listen.

smashly2992d ago

Love Half Minute Hero, can't wait to hear this.

CheatsMcGee2992d ago

I still have yet to play Half-Minute Hero. Though I'm rather curious as to how this news cast will work. At least I'm looking forward to it.

Ziriux2992d ago

I didn't enjoy Half Minute Hero much.

mau642992d ago

Yeah its definitely a game with a limited audience.

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